Download Kong Island: Farm & Survival v1.2.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Energy)

Kong Island: Farm & Survival Mod APK – Grow crops and restore buildings on Kong Island, and go on an expedition to Skull Island.

You have arrived safely on Kong Island. Plant some seeds and ensure you have enough food to last until the start of your next adventure.

Your plane was forced to make an emergency landing while you were visiting a new island owing to bad weather. At this time, you are the sole survivor of your species. Do you ever fantasize about being stuck on a remote island by yourself? Because there is no one else nearby, you are cut off from your pals, and you do not have a phone or any other means of modern communication, so you are completely cut off. Consider this: what action would you take? It’s time to get up and move! Your ability to fight for it will determine whether you live or die. Kong Island requires your assistance to continue to exist, produce and harvest things, and make Skull Island more prosperous and habitable.

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Dive headfirst into the story of Kong Island, a location brimming with puzzles and riddles just begging to be solved. If you have more money, you may make your island look like a tropical paradise by obtaining Kong’s wall and then adorning it with plants and flowers that fit the natural terrain of your island. This will allow you to transform your island into a tropical paradise. Players can explore the entire map and visit any new islands they come across. The following step is to return to your agricultural isles with your loot. Farming, harvesting, and other basic survival skills are essentially necessary for survival. Both looking for sunken ships and antiquities in the bay island’s woodlands will necessitate the same skills. Players can explore the area in search of valuable artifacts, which they can then use to build a massive metropolis or a temporary graveyard on the beach. Both of these possibilities are available to them. On Kong Island, several questions and difficulties are just waiting to be solved.

Kong Island: Farm & Survival v1.2.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Energy) Download

Download (65M)

Download (65M)

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