Download Last Day Defense v2.0.362 MOD APK (Free Upgrades/Spin)

Last Day Defense becomes the fiercest battleground between zombies and humans. Troops, weapons, and strategies are used to improve the outcome of the match.

Last Day Defense allows players to implement specific strategies to repel the onslaught of zombie armies quickly. With the advantage of numbers, they will significantly influence your soldiers. Players will have to complete the arrangement of soldiers and arrange more weapons for groups of warriors. The preparation process will take place in a faster time, with hundreds of levels with increasing difficulty, and the appearance of giant zombies will make you face many challenges.

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Last Day Defense


With the zombie army growing, players have more than 100 levels to go through in Last Day Defense. Each level will be held in different locations. This diversity is reflected in the countryside, in the heart of the city, or at the gas station near the forest. Their difficulty will be gradually increased through many different levels; there will be more challenges for you. The upgrades are determined to be related to the progression of the level, and they will make players have more tasks when participating in the event.

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Last Day Defense


The zombie armies that appear in Last Day Defense are equipped with a variety of weapons, from baseball bats to long guns. They have a numerical advantage over your army. Players will have to make plans that are more beneficial to their teammates. Many enemies are summoned from other lands and become the boss for each level. Modern weapons will be provided so that zombies and their teammates will not defeat you.

Last Day Defense


The levels arranged in Last Day Defense will be one of the primary content players experience. Besides, festival events are also an excellent choice for discovering new places and getting more rewards. Each group can join the four-season match or take on the extremes of the weather. However, the strategic match will require higher on your wisdom and ingenuity.

Last Day Defense


Last Day Defense brings an extremely attractive power arena and classic battles that can make you achieve a series of desirable achievements. Players will take turns performing their tasks at each level, defeating the army of zombies entering the village. The brave warriors will use the weapons provided to stop them, and players will need to quickly apply more perfect plans to gain eternal victory.

Last Day Defense


  • Your chance to participate in classic battles with a terrifying zombie army.
  • Improve your performance in the challenging events and levels, and complete your quests.
  • Some choices related to the formation and type of weapon used in the game apply.
  • The system provides new challenges in levels such as giant zombies, obstacles, and time pressure.
  • New goals for you regarding bonuses, achievements, and new battle locations.

Last Day Defense v2.0.362 MOD APK (Free Upgrades/Spin) Download

Download (77M)

Download (77M)

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