Download Last Hero: Roguelike v4.4 MOD APK (God Mode, Attack Multiplier)

Last Hero: Roguelike Mod APK is known as one of the zombie-inspired action games loved by many players. Dramatic shooting and beautiful action scenes will bring you many completely new emotions. You will be transformed into a hero with the task of destroying bloodthirsty zombies and returning peace to the whole world. Many arduous journeys await you ahead, and only the brave can overcome them.


The human world is slowly dying since the appearance of bloodthirsty zombies, and you are the only one who can fight them. Your mission in Last Hero is to destroy all the zombies raging out there and uncover the mystery of the fall of humanity. All you need to do is control your hero to fight zombies and complete the levels. Each level will be a different challenge, and the difficulty will also increase gradually in the following stages.

Players will face hordes of zombies from many different directions and must quickly defeat them with weapons before being attacked. After completing each level, you will be leveled up, and the reward is a certain amount of gold. You will use that money to buy new weapons and skills to upgrade your hero’s strength. The skills you possess will also help you have a lot of advantages in combat.

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The higher the level, the more you will have the opportunity to unlock many new maps such as Town, Carnie, or Gas Station, and each map will contain many different exciting things. The power of zombies will also be more formidable, and the number is also more, so you must be very careful. It would help if you also equipped your hero with armor, shoes, or gloves to overcome them quickly. It helps the character withstand the zombies’ attacks and significantly improves strength.

Last Hero brings you a massive collection of different guns that you can freely choose and own them. Each type of gun will have a unique characteristic and ability, so you will choose to match your fighting skills. In addition to moving skills and sharp observation, weapons are essential equipment you cannot ignore, so invest in them. If you own the most powerful guns, the odds of winning in each match will be very high.

Last Hero: Roguelike v4.4 MOD APK (God Mode, Attack Multiplier) Download

Download (113M)

Download (113M)

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