Download Last War: Shelter Heroes v1.07.338 MOD APK (Free Upgrade, Build, Training)

This game is an Incredible Story of Perseverance Set in a dystopian future. You can take command of the Last Refuge. Throughout the game, you can repair the underground haven and try to find a way to help the remaining people. Discover and control the entire planet!

The nuclear disaster that triggered World War II (WWII) nearly wiped out human civilization. Take command of a small group of people who have taken refuge in a nearly destroyed subterranean bunker. Keep your Fallout shelter operational by bringing the necessary supplies with you. Assume charge of providing a haven for the remaining military personnel. Create an underground safe room as your last line of defense. Build your fortress with bricks. The more people you command, the more food you can produce and the more money you can make. Consider your available funds and food before deciding the best course for building and upgrading rooms. Learn everything you can about the post-apocalyptic landscape surrounding your haven. It would be best if you always were on the lookout for new weapons and equipment throughout combat missions. Before embarking on a rescue mission, instruct your troops on properly equip and arm themselves with the new weapons.

Captives rescued from enemy prisons can be turned into valuable team members. Save your most potent weapons for battles that will necessitate tanks and snipers. Weapon and armor modifications can be made in the hundreds. Knives, pistols, assault rifles, and sniper rifles are just a few available weapons. Collect blueprints and use them to create a one-of-a-kind NFT weapon. In-battle gunpowder mining can supplement existing support structures. To increase coin output, soldiers should build money modules. The game has a mission-based plot that gives your shelter heroes diverse goals in constructing a hidden underground shelter. It would be best if you fortified your fortress by expanding and upgrading its existing rooms to make it impregnable. Increase the durability of your troops’ armor to allow them to take more hits. To win the Last War, you must ultimately destroy the opposing force. Take command of human civilization’s last refuge. Survival and military strategy are combined in this exciting game.

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Last War: Shelter Heroes v1.07.338 MOD APK (Free Upgrade, Build, Training) Download

Download (142M)

Download (142M)

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