Download Legacy Cost v1.1.3 MOD APK (Mega Menu)

Auto-combat role-playing game with a wide variety of gameplay aspects!

Legacy Cost is a traditional adventure title. The main character is a brave young man with blond hair. He wasn’t a heroic character when he was younger; he was only an apprentice at a little smithy. The blacksmith was adamant about showing the boy everything he knew. Everything you need to know, from self-defense to making the sharpest swords. Because of his lengthy service and eventual retirement, the master appointed him the master of the smithy. Consider how much the owner loves him and wishes to give him the property. The smithy has a large debt of up to a billion dollars, which our hero is obliged to discover.

Instead of the money, the hero expected the blacksmith to make it. If you owe a billion dollars, no amount of factory overtime will ever be enough to pay it off. As a result, our hero’s sole option for a living is to pursue the path of monster battle. Not everyone was cut out to fight demons in the heart of the forest, and when they died, they left behind a large number of valuable metal ingots. As you progress through the many waves of monsters, make sure to stock up on whatever you can. Players may soon be able to pay off the blacksmith’s billion-dollar debt. Traditional automated role-playing games have a timeless feel, and each slash brings a sense of history.

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Choose a hero name with at least eight letters. Examine the Blacksmith notice board, which has a young hero on either side. Everyone must follow the rules that are printed on the board. On the whiteboard, two checkboxes symbolize approval and agreement, and they create a rectangle beneath the white angel wings. The major interface in the workshop’s shop was created using brown wood tones. The player’s earnings are not reflected in the gold coin total. The item count is shown by -1 billion in red text. This debt will be reduced in proportion to the player’s earnings until it reaches zero.

Legacy Cost v1.1.3 MOD APK (Mega Menu) Download

Download (61M)

Download (61M)

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