Download Legend of Ace v1.64.11 MOD APK + OBB (Map Hack , No Skill CD)

Legend of Ace Mod APK is a MOBA game where players enter fierce battles with diverse characters, sometimes with mythical elements. You will be able to coordinate with other players to win the level by destroying the enemy base. At the same time, players are forced to learn a new power system, and each hero has their strengths that players will learn. Therefore, optimizing the power of these characters will be a necessity.

Legend of Ace

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Demeter seems to be a name that anyone who loves greek gods will know because she is the god of agriculture, and now, she has appeared in Legend of Ace as a support hero. The skills of this goddess revolve around healing, controlling enemies, and supporting teammates under challenging cases. So, she will often be suitable for teammates with weak HP and is completely useful for team fights in this game.

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Legend of Ace


In Legend of Ace, players will experience exciting and hot gameplay, the MOBA genre, where players will join other players in battle. The goal that any player will need to care about is destroying the opponent’s base to win. So, to do this, it will usually take quite a while because you will confront the enemy and, through that, will increase the strength of your hero and win the level.

Each hero has its normal attack feature and comes with three skills that the player will choose to increase its effectiveness through each level. So as you go up a level, you’ll need to know which skill you’re going to add skill points. It can be wholly solved when the player can find the instructions and the most suitable development path for his character. In addition, there will be two support skills to help you free yourself from difficult situations.

Legend of Ace


In addition to using skills to attack enemies or support teammates, you will need to choose essential factors to increase character stats in Legend of Ace. Surely anyone will think of equipment in the game, but this will be a little different because this game uses cards. In other words, you will install a card system that you see fit before entering the battle. In addition, the number of cards in this game will be pretty diverse, which you will need to learn.

Legend of Ace

Once you know what position your hero fits into, then you’ll start to build a tag system around this. Of course, for new players, it is evident that they are in trouble when facing many mechanics. So they will have for themselves three card options that have been pre-installed by the developer. They can make their choice and use it in battle. Over time, they will learn which cards will suit their characters best.


When you have experienced a MOBA game, it is natural that you will find a champion system with different skills. The hero system of this game is partly inspired by myths, so familiar names like Poseidon, Artemis, or even Odin. Therefore, this will be the motivating factor for players to explore the game and choose the hero that they see fit. Mastering a hero is a long journey.

Legend of Ace v1.64.11 MOD APK + OBB (Map Hack , No Skill CD) Download

Download (873.85 MB)

Download (873.85 MB)

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