Download Legends of Heropolis v2.2.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

In Legends of Heropolis Mod APK superhero simulation game, you may raise your own heroes, assemble a group of allies, and take on evil.

Legends of Heropolis will bring you to a chaotic city, which is full of nefarious Evilcorp trying to destroy everything. Like it or not, you must become a hero to save your city. You are a brave hero and a professional farmer, a talented architect, and a brilliant businessman in this game. Build the city in your own style, and do whatever it takes to protect its peace.

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At the beginning of the game, you will have to “lonely” fight with aggressive enemies. However, you can entirely suspend the war and focus on building your base. Obviously, you can’t fight with weak strength on an empty stomach, right? Let’s start to build basic buildings, exploit the surrounding resources, grow more vegetables or dig fish ponds, … to improve your immediate life, then think about fighting.

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After you have basically settled down in life, let’s start building new battle buildings or buildings to recruit more teammates to live with you. The bigger the houses, the more friends you will be able to recruit. You can build more necessary works in the old land or expand your management area if eligible. Whether it’s building buildings, expanding territories, or recruiting more heroes, you need a large amount of money. Focus on increasing the level of production to get more money.


Even if you don’t touch anyone, outside enemies still harass your city non-stop. Recruit more teammates, upgrade them and fight together. The later levels go, the stronger the enemy will be, so your squad also needs to be constantly upgraded. In addition, when your city is big enough, you will have the opportunity to unlock robots with terrible power, making your battle easier.


You can’t do anything in Legends of Heropolis if you don’t have enough money, so find ways to generate your extra income. The simplest way is still to increase production and sell your agricultural products for more money, but it is quite complicated and time-consuming. In addition, you can perform tasks in the event box to immediately receive rewards from that event. The last way, which is quite risky, but brings in huge amounts of money, is to join the stock exchanges in the game.

Legends of Heropolis v2.2.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (34M)

Download (34M)

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