Download Libra – Weight Manager v4.0.40 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

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Libra – Weight Manager v4.0.40 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Libra is a tool to support you in monitoring your health status weight according to each cycle. Users always see new points as well as see the status of themselves and those around them.

If you are looking to monitor your health and weight, Libra will support you in this regard. This application helps you a lot in terms of tracking, providing a wide range of the most effective tracking charts and maps. You can use weekly, monthly, or yearly statistics tables. Users will also find the app provides you with a host of other progressive features to cater to your needs. The application will also allow you to change the new look to better suit your abilities.

Libra – Weight Manager


The application helps you monitor the health status and weight of ourselves and those around us. A unique feature is that after knowing the milestones as well as weight, the application will make a statistical table. This table contains the necessary content, and you can edit it if you want.

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After the application has a complete statistics table, it will proceed to confirm the mind map. The type of map will be very diverse, and you can choose one of the many different types that the application provides. Moreover, the map will show your growth potential as well as the results after your tracking process most clearly.

Libra – Weight Manager Libra – Weight Manager


The application provides a variety of new interfaces that allow users to choose. The application is having a refresh and a new look when designing a series of unique interfaces to serve user needs.


The application will rely on the data as well as the status of your weight and height to make an objective assessment. This evaluation will help users, creating exciting things for users. More specifically, the application always gives attractive assessments depending on each object and condition.


The application immediately has a series of beautiful reminders, reminding us to pay attention to our health, etc. The reminder helps users to add weight according to each predefined timeline.

Libra – Weight Manager Libra – Weight Manager


  • Offers a series of progressive and modern skins that can make a difference to this app.
  • You can customize the tracking time and enter the correct weight for the application to give a practical statistics table.
  • You can choose by yourself different types of statistics and evaluation charts to serve the needs you desire.
  • The expert doctor gives you a series of reviews and gives you advice on how to fix your current condition.
  • Presents you with motivational, inspirational quotes and alerts on your device to create the most popular reminders.

Libra – Weight Manager v4.0.40 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (4M)

Download (4M)

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