Download Light of Hell v129 MOD APK (Higher HP, Dmg, Def)

Heaven, Hell, and Humanity, there had been, for a considerable amount of time, a delicate equilibrium between these three forces, but it was on the verge of breaking down. Agamon, the Old King, has destroyed the Heavens to find the secret to endless youth. To safeguard his rule and life, he deceived the Angels and led the Imperial Knights on a dangerous chase across the heavens. As a result of the so-called “crusade to clean up the Heavens,” the angels have retreated to Hell because it is the only place they can truly feel safe.

Angels have bowed down to you and vowed fealty as payment in exchange for your assistance in taking vengeance on King Agamon. It would help if you immediately gathered your troops to prepare for the upcoming fight. Agamon has used the magic of Heaven to keep you and your army away from the battlefield, preventing you from engaging in combat. Even before you left, hell was a tumultuous place, but things have gotten even worse since you’ve been gone. Agamon has done nothing more than sign his name.

You are responsible for keeping the Holy Angels safe while also putting them to work for you. You have the opportunity, Master, to use all of their eloquence and allure to good use in this situation. You can bolster the might of your Demonic Hordes by enlisting assistance from the heavens, and you can let loose horrifying monsters that haven’t been seen since the beginning of time. Because it has been so long since you’ve used your power, some demons have forgotten how valuable you are in your role as Master. Put these renegades through some kind of ordeal right now to learn their lesson. If you want to defeat Agamon, you’ll need all of your wits about you. Use the weaknesses of the other kingdoms and your army’s strengths to bring down any other kingdoms that stand in your way. Join forces with other individuals in your position to advance your cause of becoming the most powerful Lord in all of humanity.

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Light of Hell v129 MOD APK (Higher HP, Dmg, Def) Download

Download (300M)

Download (300M)

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