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Lineage 2: Revolution is an RPG; in the game, we will be transformed into heroes, possessing weapons and top-notch secrets, to protect our kingdom from the evilest and brutal forces.

Lineage 2: Revolution is a Role-Playing Game developed by Netmarble publishers, which has been a well-known player since many generations of gamers of Gen X. When entering the game, you will be brought into the gloomy World of Gothic style. We will choose a warrior of the four human races, Dark Elff, Elf, and Dwarf, consisting of basic classes such as warriors, pirates, and magicians, to join us on the battlefields.

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Lineage 2: Revolution


Lineage 2: Revolution allows players, create their own character images with their own style; we can choose our own characteristics on the character’s face to create a shaped version in the style and preferences of each player. The characters in the game have beautiful shapes, along with exquisitely designed armor, making players feel more interested in this game.

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Lineage 2: Revolution


Lineage 2: Revolution is designed by a team of very successful equipment and weapons; they have put a lot of enthusiasm into designing equipment and weapons in this game. Other items such as Blue Wolf, Dynasty,… they are divided into six grades C, B, A, S, R, SR.

Not only that, but they also have unique “up” features; instead of like other titles such as: using random elements to create items, searching for materials, and having the formula to craft equipment, they choose to “dress up” card games. The advantage of this feature is that every device that we pick up is useful. But there is a big drawback: we upgrade the equipment will not keep up with the players of the pay to win system.

Lineage 2: Revolution


Lineage 2: Revolution I have a compliment to those who designed the graphics section for this game; when I saw the game’s trailer, I knew that this is a game that will have great graphics. When I first opened the game, it seemed to me that I had immersed myself in the graphic world of this game, with sharp drawings and detailed shapes, along with the smooth movements of the characters in the game, the effects of highly eye-catching and smooth skills, They blend together like a landscape painting with majestic warriors, creating a beautiful picture.

Lineage 2: Revolution


Lineage 2: Revolution is designed in the classic RPG genre; when entering the game, we will start to fight monsters with levels from low to high so that players can quickly get used to the pace of this game. For lazy players using manual operations, the team of game designers has added a special feature, which is automatic hitting mode, which helps us not to manipulate too much but still easily experience this game in a relaxing and idle way.


Lineage 2: Revolution allows players to download and experience this game for free; the publisher wants more players and more people to interact with it. They have also invested a lot in advertising in this game, so this game is inevitably free. They also have additional packages so that players of the pay-to-win system can donate more funds to the game maker.

Lineage 2: Revolution

Key Features

  • Classic RPG game mode.
  • There are much unique equipment and unique up-to-date styles.
  • The graphic is as beautiful as a perfect picture.
  • Auto-hitting mode for players who love idleness.

Lineage 2: Revolution is a game with pros and cons. The advantages before the game have unique graphics and features, but the disadvantages players need to spend a lot of money if they want to be stronger.

Lineage 2 v1.39.10 APK (Latest) Download

Download (97M)

Download (97M)

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