Download Lion Games Animal Simulator 3D v2.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Lion Games Animal Simulator 3D Mod APK will help players transform into lions and show their power to dominate the forest. Use skills to hunt and find food for yourself.

Lion Games Animal Simulator 3D is a simulation game that simulates the wildlife of ferocious lions. You will transform into the jungle king and use your power to dominate an entire forest by hunting other animals. Looking for food and water in the environment

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Lion Games Animal Simulator 3D


Have you ever wondered what the wildlife of lions is like or why they are called the king of the jungle? Usually, you are only seen most clearly in documentaries, but now Lion Games Animal Simulator 3D will bring a much more realistic experience. You will be transformed into a lion, and the daily task is to carry out the hunt to get food and water.

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The gameplay is also straightforward because you only need to master a few control buttons to be able to conquer the game easily wholly. On the left side of the screen is the control button for you to move your lion around and on the right are the skills to catch the target in front. At first, the task will not be too difficult for players to get used to, but later on, the difficulty increases, so you need to be fluent in the skills.

Lion Games Animal Simulator 3D


Lion Games Animal Simulator 3D gives players a very realistic space, from the image of the lion to the wild environment. The surrounding trees are designed with bright colors to help players feel extremely comfortable and relaxed when playing. Although the gameplay is not too complicated, the graphics have been invested very carefully and meticulously, so it has attracted a lot of players.

The visuals and the sound effects are also highly vivid to help players have more excitement. The sound of a lion snarling or getting ready to grab prey from a distance and eat them whole. You will feel like you are standing right there and witnessing these events most authentically.

Lion Games Animal Simulator 3D


  • The game is designed in a highly engaging role-playing game genre to help players get the most authentic playing experience.
  • The gameplay created will be built with a hunting style when the player will be involved in the role of a ferocious lion.
  • The tasks set will be straightforward: hunt with other animals without allowing them to escape.
  • Compete with animals of the lion family, such as simulated cougars, black panthers, cheetahs, and other dangerous leopards.
  • The game’s graphics are designed to be highly realistic, with great detail in depicting the predatory image of the ferocious lion.

Lion Games Animal Simulator 3D v2.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (58M)

Download (58M)

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