Download Lionheart: Dark Moon v2.3.1 MOD APK (Damage, God Mode Unlimited Skill)

Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG Mod APK is a strategy game combined with RPG that will bring exciting gameplay. Join a massive hero system, choose your own hero and start your battle.

Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG will be one of the games that can give you exciting experiences with many different aspects. If you are looking to start yourself with a strategy game combined with RPG elements, this will be one of the really perfect choices for you. Coming to this game, players will be able to participate in many different exciting game modes and modes to be able to show off their talents.

Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG

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With any particular game, the stories told throughout the game will always be the highlight to be able to lead the player. Then Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG will not be a special exception when it has also equipped itself with extraordinary stories to be able to send to its players. But to be able to have novel changes, instead of an overall story leading the characters, the characters will now tell the stories on their own.

Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG

The game has been very thoughtful in preparing its players for a large number of characters, up to more than 150 heroes, and will continue to increase after updates. And with each hero, they will have their own story about their life such as: wanting to avenge their childhood failures, or fighting for the rewards ahead,… But all these The game’s heroes will all have one significant thing in common, which is their willingness to fight evil forces.

Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG


And to be able to give players the story the game wants to tell, the gameplay will be one of the top vehicles. That’s why the developer has researched and equipped himself with gameplay that really matches the main messages of this game. The game will bring you an attractive combat strategy gameplay and combine with it a few elements of an RPG game.

Along with that, a system of different challenges will also be a unique factor that makes you feel the game’s attraction. One of the challenges players have always been waiting for is the weekend challenge events where they can take their Clan to the top of the leaderboards. Moreover, a lot of PvP matches will be played theatrically, the winners of the opponents will be able to receive their own glory.

Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG


In order for players to feel the creativity and diversity of the producer, the character system will be where everything is proven. Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG has added for me different types of heroes like epic heroes, legendary heroes, rare with different elements to be able to summon. The game has five special elements: Gaea, Dark, Mirror Wyld, and Elemental, with each element having different characteristics.

Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG

What’s more, players will be able to completely personalize their gameplay with the ability to choose their own Titan with five special options. And if you own a strong Titan, your ability to win in the games will be significantly increased. To be able to increase the strength of Titan, you will just need to join a Guild and work together to accomplish the goal.


  • A large number of heroes system and regularly increased with new updates.
  • Each hero will have its own story, but all aim to fight the bad guys.
  • Choose your own Titans from 5 options and grow them with your Guild.
  • Various events are continuously given to challenge players to complete missions.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics with a committed image quality that is always the highest in every situation.

Lionheart: Dark Moon v2.3.1 APK + MOD (Damage, God Mode Unlimited Skill) Download

Download (82M)

Download (82M)

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