Download Lost Continent v1 b109 MOD APK (Move Speed Multiplier)

Lost Continent takes you to a battle between omnipresent monsters with the ability to create individual characters, ready to attack and defend.

A battlefield is organized to fight as you spend real time with other real players in the world, Lost Continent. When coming to us, players have the opportunity to admire more than 50 pre-designed maps to explore freely. Now, you can fight like a knight or a mage with the ability to use unique magic to attack and destroy enemies. Not stopping there, you constantly receive loot from them to upgrade your weapons and armor.

Lost Continent

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Because Lost Continent is also one of the legendary MMORPG games in the world, the first task when the player has just arrived here is to build the character. Appearing before your eyes is a sharp image of eight different hero classes, each with its own special advantages. Design yourself as a knight or even a sword-wielding warrior, and we have the tools to complete it.


Then, if you want to continue to higher levels or simply want to pass the level you are currently experiencing, the player needs to face the monster directly. Specifically, this place is known as hell with the appearance of hundreds of uncountable monsters. You may encounter a goblin, golem, or even a gorgon; Kundun is no exception. They have distinct reproductive characteristics. Along with that is the production of non-duplicating items.

Lost Continent


You need to understand the character’s attack and defense rules to be able to adjust the appropriate strategy. Lost Continent takes you to an attack battle, where the self-defense system will automatically activate. This helps players be able to protect their lives and take the initiative to kill their opponents. However, it also has a caveat that when this feature is turned on, you only have a fixed amount of time to do it, so take advantage.

Lost Continent


If you can defeat any of the enemies, the items they own will belong to you. Players can use those items to conduct transactions to get back currency or items from the opponent they want. What could be more wonderful than being able to change the valuable items you own into the things you’ve been craving for a long time. In particular, the battle is held in real-time, but the trading journey is no exception. In addition, you can exchange without any limit on the number or type of items.

Not stopping there, Lost Continent also allows you to become a leader. Players can begin the process of summoning a group of like-minded heroes to the table at the Interactive Party. Thanks to that, your power and reputation will multiply, echoing to many other places. Also, clearing raids is one of your quests in the Boss Hunts feature. If successful, the amount of your loot is a very worthy gift so you can continue to accompany your friends and pets.

Lost Continent


  • Plunge into battle as a skilled knight, or a mage with special spells, sometimes as a sword-wielding warrior.
  • Facing you is a whole collection of evil monsters, namely scheming goblins or bloodthirsty Kunduns or Selupans.
  • The self-defense system to protect the player’s life that is automatically activated when you perform a realistic player attack is beneficial.
  • Players, after destroying opponents, can receive items to increase their strength and vitality to become an undefeated leader.
  • Conduct transactions or sell items to get cashback to buy more weapons, swords, and unique accessories and costumes.

Lost Continent v1 b109 MOD APK (Move Speed Multiplier) Download

Download (109M)

Download (109M)

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