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Love Boat – Your Adventure is a romantic love simulation game. You will be the adventure captain and choose the love story you want.

Love Boat – Your Adventure is a romantic love game, and you are the creator of those stories. You can choose the story you love and make your decision to develop relationships with your lover and other boys and girls. The game gives players many new experiences and a rich story collection for players to solve situations.

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In Love Boat – Sail To Your New Adventure, you will play as a captain of your romantic adventure and make unique decisions to change the course of the story. The game offers a rich love story system, including romance, sci-fi, psychological, suspense, fantasy, or other dramas. Among them, you can choose a story that suits your mood and make the right choices to progress to a romantic love story.

For example, the game will present a situation of “I think he likes me…” and give you two choices. You will have to make your decision between two answers “Kiss him” or “Tell him you have to go.” You need to think carefully to make the best decision to develop your love story. In addition, you can make your choice for other cute boys’ and girls’ stories to help them develop a relationship.


In addition to difficult situations that leave you torn between two options, you have to make more important decisions. You will be the one to decide who your soulmate or lover is through the answer to change your destiny. Your decisions will affect the course of the story, and it can promote more romantic love or destroy that love.

Depending on the case, you can make new friends or defeat enemies because some people will seduce you with sweet words and malicious plots. So you have to be skillful in each situation. For example, the game gives you a case of “She’s my employee.” She is seducing you, but you don’t know if she really likes you or has genuine feelings for you. So, you will be confused between two options, “play along” and “fire her,” depending on the situation and the other party’s attitude for you to make the right decision and create a good ending.


Sometimes, in the game, you will create some dramatic details to increase the story’s appeal. Love stories are not always smooth, but they will go through difficulties and misunderstandings. You will be stuck between two choices, “slap him” or “forgive him,” two choices extremely difficult for you. However, it would help if you also made your own choices, and each choice will bring its own outcome.


To attract opponents in Love Boat – Sail To Your New Adventure, players must create a seductive appearance for their character. You should choose costumes, hairstyles, and accessories for male characters that show elegance and courtesy to attract girls and conquer them. As for the girls, dress them up in gorgeous, glamorous, or daring outfits and go with some chic accessories to seduce the boys. Styling your character is very important because it will help you decide part of the victory in love.


To give players more exciting experiences, the game always updates many new and exciting stories. Players will immerse themselves in passionate love relationships and drop emotions into those stories.


– Rich story collection to satisfy your taste.
– Customize your characters and dress them up in glamorous outfits, hairstyles, and other accessories.
– Give your choice to decide who your crush is.
– Choose dramatic stories to increase the appeal.
– Many new chapters are updated weekly for you to experience.

Love Boat v1.984 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Tickets) Download

Download (48M)

Download (48M)

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