Download Luminous Black – Poweramp Skin v8.4 APK (Paid)

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Luminous Black – Poweramp Skin v8.4 APK (Paid)

Luminous Black is an application that provides a simple dark interface that optimizes the user’s music look by changing them and fantastically creating different styles.

Created to change the look of Poweramp 3, this theme focuses on changing the interface to dark and neon colors suitable for users who love dark colors, predominantly black with bright neon lines extremely attractive. Luminous Black – Poweramp Skin offers a beautiful interface that users can choose to replace the other two skin versions; Now, with unique features extended to give users more benefits, let’s see how this excellent application will bring notable changes by installing participating. Join to experience this superb interface.

Luminous Black – Poweramp Skin


You are feeling too familiar with symbols that are so familiar and boringly similar on many different music platforms? Luminous Black – Poweramp Skin will help you change the skins too familiar to you to create excitement in the music experience by providing dozens of choices in the icon library. Users can customize the icons to play music, transitions,… and more for different purposes to suit themselves. In addition, you can easily use many conveniences—other benefits like changing icon size and color.

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Luminous Black – Poweramp Skin


Fonts are essential in the music experience or not; then indeed, regular music listeners will feel it doesn’t matter. However, for those who like to experience both music and an exciting interface while enjoying their music, fonts are an element that creates their feelings about a song. Sometimes you feel pretty out of place if a sad piece has a strong font or vice versa. With this in mind, the application is further developed to customize the font to become an element that contributes to the harmonization of the user’s musical interface.

Luminous Black – Poweramp Skin


You can customize the sound control knobs to suit you. Here there are two main styles: Knob and Eq. Add to that sizing functions like square corner radius, for example, and there are plenty of other tasks that you can easily use to customize your sound set. Interfaces that change the sound modifier give a different look to the interface and provide easy-to-understand convenience so that users can perform operations efficiently.

Luminous Black – Poweramp Skin


  • Track and adjust header background corner radius easily.
  • Lots of different icons that are easy to choose and use, creating diversity in the interface.
  • Easily customize the player’s visibility for easy identification.
  • Dark colors and neon bands create a unique substance for the skin of the music player.
  • Supports many different languages ​​removing language barriers for users.

Luminous Black – Poweramp Skin v8.4 APK (Paid) Download

Download (4M)

Download (4M)

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