Download LunaM: PH v1.0.666 MOD APK (Menu/Attack/Move Speed)

LunaM:Ph is back and brings us exciting colors that every player needs to experience and grasp carefully. This is a role-playing action game that tells a strongly divided story. The game has a perfect combination of play form with a realistic storyline to create a complete whole that no other game can easily have. This comeback promises to bring players to experience all the exciting emotions.



An old story of racial segregation has been re-enacted. In this, they had an unreasonable hierarchy with one main purpose of holding the superpower flying stone. Each person in each race fights with each other, and moreover, they can kill, crush each other to get that magic stone. Everyone wants to fight each other and win that luck because the flying stone represents strength and power.


Players will be impersonating a fairy character of a noble race in LunaM:Ph. Having that flying stone in hand, you need to try to keep it for yourself because you are the person the spirit entrusts. All dangers gradually appear, and you are the hostage in those dangers, be careful in all situations, and only you can save yourself. More and more significant challenges threaten you, and you need to overcome them on your own.

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Your task is to protect with that magical flying stone because you are the person entrusted by the gods with the responsibility to maintain peace. You only have to make friends with trusted friends and try to protect that stone. Or the best way is to fight and escape from the danger zone until you are old enough to unleash your own power. Travel with close friends to faraway places without danger and live an enjoyable life.



Before you overcome the dangers, you should face the challenges. Use weapons available in LunaM:Ph to serve the player’s combat needs. The game will give you challenges of increasing difficulty, and this is the time to show your own will to unite. Try to turn the challenge into a bright spot to gain a significant advantage quickly. Try to develop your own strength to gain the trust and love of others.

LunaM: PH v1.0.666 MOD APK (Menu/Attack/Move Speed) Download

Download (737.4 MB)

Download (737.4 MB)

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