Download MAD Battle Royale v1.2.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Damage)

MAD Battle Royale Mod APK gives players impressive battle royale battles combined with a building feature to help create diversity in tactics. Players will gather resources to craft the weapons they feel are suitable.

MAD Battle Royale allows players to show their survival skills in a pixelated world with an ever-shrinking safe zone. They will move continuously between different areas and interact with the items they see to get the related resources. At the same time, having enough resources is a factor that helps them create powerful weapons or build buildings for defense. Various items will make the character’s appearance impressive.

MAD Battle Royale, shooter

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At the beginning of the MAD Battle Royale experience, you will enter a pixel world where you will try to survive with the resources you collect and fight other players. You will always feel the urge to move and have the opportunity to find opponents scattered across the map. In addition, some interesting mechanics appear in this game as you will experience the battle royale mode and have to use the building feature.

Players will control the character using the control feature found in other shooting games, and you only receive a starter tool to collect the resources you see conveniently. At the same time, over time, you will move and continue to collect resources to create weapons to fight other opponents until you are the ultimate winner. Of course, the resources you collect are also used to perform some construction activities.

MAD Battle Royale, shooter


The number of characters appearing in a match of MAD Battle Royale is not too large, but there will be things that you need to do to prepare enough equipment for the battle. You will move continuously in the game’s environment and interact with different objects to collect the necessary items. At the same time, when you collect the required amount of resources, you can see the gun icon appear, and you can use it immediately.

MAD Battle Royale, shooter

It can be said that the world inside this game is vast and also contains many items that you can interact with. So these items have various uses, such as creating weapons or helping you build a specific building. You will create buildings that allow you to shield yourself from enemy attacks and perform some healing steps. At the same time, this feature is handy when it comes to the last moments of the match, and players will try to make good use of it in many different cases.

One of the features not to be missed in this game is the safe zone that always urges the player to move to a specific position. So, when there is a notice that the safe zone is about to narrow, you should act quickly not to lose blood and, of course, move also need to be careful when this area is narrower; the odds of meeting an opponent are higher. They decide the position and height at which they can stand, so there will be many different attack tactics.

MAD Battle Royale, shooter


When you experience MAD Battle Royale, you will undoubtedly try to find and create powerful weapons in battle. Players will need to pay attention to the limited amount of ammo that players can use when starting to craft weapons. So they will need to find a way to get enough ammo resources and use new weapons. They also need time to learn all about the weapons they can craft and have a weapon that suits their play style.

One point that makes players pay attention when experiencing this game is the system of items to equip the character. They are items with impressive effects that many character-related elements can accompany. Specifically, you can add some elements that help change the appearance of the gun you are using or change the effect when the player falls from the sky and is about to land. Surely any player will love these items.

MAD Battle Royale, shooter

Players will participate in battle royale battles with unique gameplay:

  • Players will land on a location they want and start interacting with surrounding objects to get essential resources.
  • When they have enough resources, they will know what weapons they can craft and use them to survive throughout the level.
  • The safe zone will shrink over time and create opportunities for meeting other players, so you’ll be careful when going to a new location.
  • The number of weapons you can use in a match is diverse, and you will know how to use them through many different matches.
  • Many impressive items can be mentioned, such as changing the appearance of weapons, adding appearance effects, and many others.

MAD Battle Royale v1.2.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Damage) Download

Download (99M)

Download (99M)

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