Download Mad Dex Arenas v1.2.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems)

Mad Dex Arenas is built around calculating unique physics. Complex challenges have been set, and based on the laws of physics, you will have to perform parkour situations to overcome them.

Mad Dex Arenas will be an exciting game that can give its players extremely new emotions. If you are looking for an entertaining game but have a simple style of play, this will be a suitable game for you. With this game, you will perform parkour skills and physics calculations to defeat evil enemies.

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Mad Dex Arenas


Mad Dex Arenas is the story of a tiny hero named Ms. Dex who is on his way to rescue his lover, who a ferocious monster has captured. He is also the one who intends to invade the city, and you must set out to punish this villain. You will face many other minions along the way, and you must use your top parkour skills. Dex has a remarkable ability to secrete red mucus to help him stick to all surfaces like a snail.

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This unique ability will help you to be able to move on all different surfaces, including underground or on high walls. In addition, you can also pick up some weapons such as guns or sound equipment so that you can defeat the enemy. With the final level, you will have the opportunity to upgrade the character to increase strength because now you will have to fight the final boss. Use every skill you have combined with agile movement to your advantage right from the start.

Mad Dex Arenas


I suppose you might be wrong if you think Mad Dex Arenas is quite simple to play because it only has two control buttons to perform operations. That’s just the beginning of a string of tension and drama behind you if you’re brave enough to experience it. The game’s pace is so fast that you can hardly predict what may happen in front of you, so you must always prepare a sharp mind. It would be best to primarily observe because obstacles will appear unexpectedly that you can’t predict.

Although there are modern weapons, if you have flexible and proficient control skills, the possibility of winning is very high. Everything moves very fast, so you also need to move constantly, and there is no moment to stop. When you are fluent, you should also learn to use weapons and combine them with the top somersault ability to master every game.

Mad Dex Arenas


  • The game will build for its players a unique game system that depends on the laws of gravity physics.
  • Use physics calculations and parkour skills to have the best control of your play.
  • Difficult challenges are prepared; even hardcore bosses will appear randomly to attack you.
  • Attractive gameplay but equipped with a straightforward control system will be a great advantage for players.
  • Graphics bring you the best with the beautiful, sharp, and funny images of the characters.

Mad Dex Arenas v1.2.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems) Download

Download (34M)

Download (34M)

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