Download Mage Legends v1.6.13 MOD APK (Money, God Mode, One Hit)

Mage Legends Mod APK brings you to the world of magic, and here you are, the famous magician. Players will perform combat with all enemies and win even more modern magic.

Mage Legends will bring you to a world where many battles are about to take place, and it is really overwhelming. This role-playing game expects you to become the only mage with enough power to control those wars. The game always wants you to perform this great challenge, and based on that; you can complete your own role. More specifically, this war will only stop if you win and your leadership ability reaches the highest level.

Mage Legends: The magic archer

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Players will be role-playing and become famous magicians of this game. The special thing is that only you have the ability to control the wars and minimize the damage. And you are also the only mage with enough strength, magic, and timely response skills. You must build the image of becoming a powerful mage to fight all the great enemies of the world. In turn, the game will take you to specific tasks, and you have to do them all yourself.

Mage Legends: The magic archer Mage Legends: The magic archer


It seems that the enemy is trying to provoke you and wants to fight you to see if they can defeat you. However, these enemies are also strong, and it is difficult for you to fight them all by yourself. So you need to call on more allies to support in this battle. Mage Legends always allows you to use all the featured calling features to be able to take on the big challenge.


After you have added the reserve force, proceed to perform the combat phase. The game always wants you to show your full strength and use all your magic. Fight all the enemies and use archery skills to capture the enemy from afar. Use up all your spare weapons to fight and win exciting upgrades for ourselves.

Mage Legends: The magic archer Mage Legends: The magic archer


  • Make war on a large scale and take place in many different rounds in this game.
  • Become the only mage who has the ability to lead as well as cover the power to fight vigorously.
  • Always offer very attractive backup plans and implement them immediately if there are changes.
  • Always use your magic and collect more spells in the process of fighting all significant enemies.
  • Promote your leadership, and you have to stop all the wars taking place in this world.
  • The gameplay is addicting and action-packed.
  • There are several talents that will assist you in crawling through these dungeons.
  • Take use of varied settings.
  • Control is simple, using just one finger.
  • Various game modes are available.
  • Earn awards and one-of-a-kind weaponry.
  • As a genuine mage legend, you’ll be able to travel across fantastic fantasy worlds.
  • Monster legends battles that are difficult to win
  • Drag to move; release to strike the target.

Mage Legends v1.6.13 MOD APK (Money, God Mode, One Hit) Download

Download (151M)

Download (151M)

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