Download MAGIC 3 – Tiny Decisions v1.5.3 MOD APK (Subscription, Unlimited Gem)

Interactive stories in a magical fantasy world. Play offline & Choose your story

Tiny Decisions is a text-based fantasy adventure game that consists of a total of six different minigames. In this captivating realm, you play the role of a god, directing the journey of a mischievous young wizard, determining the outcomes of his world’s events, and making decisions on his behalf. With the help of these entertaining minigames, you can test your mettle and hone a variety of skills, including lock picking, magic casting, logic, and dexterity, among others.

It is possible to augment one’s strength by collecting a variety of magical items and avatars. The game’s attractive characters, rich colors, scenery, and soundtrack create the most immersive text-based adventure experience to date. Protect yourself, figure out the riddles, and socialize (you never know, you might even fall in love)! Tiny Decisions is a text-based choose-your-own-adventure game packed with exciting minigames, abilities, trials, and enigmas for you to solve. If you’re seeking the next evolution of the fantasy role-playing game genre, go no further than Tiny Decisions.

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You assist a young wizard in his quest by using various forms of magic and sorcery and the presented interactive activities. You play the role of a wizard trying to solve a mystery in a fantasy world set in the middle ages. Because it is designed for children, this texting game has no violence or gore. However, you will still get to act as a private investigator conducting an investigation and possibly unraveling a supernatural enigma.

In contrast to many quest games and interactive books, this text-based game takes into account your choices. You’ve certainly played interactive fiction like Choices stories or Chapters, but nothing quite like this epic quest set in a medieval fantasy world, where every turn of the page felt like “my voyage.” This turn-based role-playing game is a must-have for fans of games in general, but especially good narrative games, turn-based role-playing games, text games, and offline games.

MAGIC 3 – Tiny Decisions v1.5.3 MOD APK (Subscription, Unlimited Gem) Download

Download (52M)

Download (52M)

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