Download Mahjong Village v1.1.156 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Mahjong Village is the best entertainment game for exploiting their acumen and intelligence. Inspired by the traditional mahjong game, the system offers the same content of matching wooden cards, which is quite interesting.

Mahjong Village provides a novel and unique space that allows you to exercise your mind to face challenges from the mahjong table. The arrangement is not orderly, but the wooden wall printed with different drawings will be shuffled. Your task is to overcome the system’s matching puzzle. Besides, you also have the opportunity to travel through different lands and discover their culture. Each village has a lot of cultural beauty. The system launches 24 new levels that will help you have more conditions to explore and conquer the ancient village.

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Mahjong Village


Based on the traditional gameplay of mahjong, Mahjong Village simulates by showing each small wooden stick. Players will be offered a game consisting of many bars, many layers stacked on top of each other. It does not hinder you from clicking. However, it will be more difficult when you cannot locate the right wood find. The requirement is that you have to match the bars with the same drawing or writing.

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Additionally, the wooden bar must be light in color in order to be selected. Unlit bars cannot be selected or merged with other bars. Compared to other brain games, this one is easier to learn and engage in because of the straightforward gameplay. Please use caution when working with our slats, as they can be more confusing than you realize at times!


Packed with a variety of puzzles and challenges, Mahjong Village offers quality rewards. If you have to spend a lot of effort to put together the wooden bars, then with particular suggestions from the system, the process of accessing your information is also simpler. On the other hand, giving you a considerable reward for completing the task is also great. With more than 1200 different levels, you will get rewards that increase with difficulty. Therefore, conquering the top of the jigsaw puzzle is always the desire of many people.

Mahjong Village Mahjong Village


Besides the reward of big money bags, Mahjong Village players also have the opportunity to explore different villages. You’ll be able to meet hundreds of people and dig deeper into their stories. Some places have difficulty with puzzles; you will help them solve them. With a player who always wants to win, can you perfect them and help them? New locations will be where your next challenge comes in. Each level, story, and trip will be a profound lesson for you when participating in the challenge.


Mahjong Village will provide players with a unique space. You can join the classic puzzle game based on mahjong style. Besides, the reward for the winner is to develop their journey in villages that are also worth conquering. To be able to do the task well, you need to consider the countdown time of the clock and observe all the wooden bars on the screen. The speed of your fingers and manipulation is also a way to success. Please experience the game and leave your review to improve this version!

Mahjong Village Mahjong Village


  • Discover a fun game with content revolving around sticks and matching. The same wooden sticks anywhere will be placed together, like the way traditional mahjong is played.
  • Players need to read the notes before starting carefully. Because the pieces of wood are stacked on top of each other, you can only match the pieces that are displayed in light colors, and dark pieces will be assembled later.
  • The simple gameplay, exciting content, and straightforward approach helped the game score. Based on your sincere reviews and suggestions, we will upgrade the updated version by fixing bugs and adding new levels.
  • Join an exciting trip to many ancient villages deep in the mountains; you will have more new experiences and challenges. Some rewards are sent to you that will make the trip faster and more fun.
  • Improved performance, crystal clear picture quality, and updated notification sounds will help you relax. Players can improve the image quality or volume in the settings.

Mahjong Village v1.1.156 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (126M)

Download (126M)

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