Download MalMath v6.0.20 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

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MalMath v6.0.20 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

MalMath is a comprehensive calculator app with outstanding development and features to expand users’ knowledge and math solving capabilities in various levels or concepts of algebra.

MalMath introduces a novel and complex math problem-solving system for everyone to have the best discovery or user experience. It also comes with many unique capabilities to solve algebraic problems of various levels, whether equations or inequalities commonly found in mathematics. Best of all, it has dynamic interaction so that everyone always has the best experience when working on the most complex math problems in exercises or tests.

MalMath: Step by step solver MalMath: Step by step solver


The first advantage that MalMath brings to everyone is the absolute flexibility in entering data or necessary math problems through special built-in keyboards. The entire interface is designed delicately and richly to create many variations or big changes while entering data. Moreover, its keyboard is distinctive and neat, making it easy and handy for users to type any math or special characters.

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Thanks to in-depth customization in the keyboard, users can change the input mode depending on the level of the problem for the fastest possible results. Interestingly, the application can automatically recognize these types of problems as they are entered. They will have more options to display the results from the equations on behalf of the user. People can also create many different layers to facilitate the input of complex problems with many different layers.

MalMath: Step by step solver MalMath: Step by step solver


MalMath will introduce everyone to creating worksheets or different layers to solve math problems or create advanced math exercises. In short, it is a versatile application and is dedicated to helping users design advanced math exercises with rich results. Moreover, users can choose between multiple-choice or essays and create layers to serve many tasks related to the most complex math problems.


Besides providing the necessary facilities to solve math or related exercises, the application also allows users to change the display mode. In particular, the display of answers in a chart is popular and widely used to serve many different types of math exercises and comes with many instructions or detailed information. Users can also use math solutions and display the results in various graphs to get more answers.

MalMath: Step by step solver MalMath: Step by step solver


Depending on the type of problems the user adds in MalMath, their results will vary depending on the user’s type of question. Also, the application will have the feature of expanding the steps to solve the answer, thereby letting them understand more about the most effective math solutions they have ever missed. Depending on the type of math added in the recording system, the application can easily filter out the different steps and the necessary highlights at the most important points.

MalMath promises to bring people new experiences for solving math problems with more specialized and advanced performance. It also helps people create math problems of different levels and freely import or export all results or information related to math.

  • An advanced calculator with various input modes or solutions to expand users’ math-solving capabilities or speed through comprehensive factors.
  • An intuitive interface and built-in keyboard for quick math problem input with innovative interaction for multiple actions simultaneously.
  • Check the result step by step for easier understanding in solving an extremely complex math problem with many display settings.
  • Generate random math worksheets with absolute accuracy or levels to serve as self-training or create new exercises for students.
  • Easily solve math problems and display outstanding features and factors in graph mode to heighten users’ productivity.

MalMath v6.0.20 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (4.3M)

Download (4.3M)

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