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Merge Animals 3D is a ridiculous game that uses unique content related to the transplantation of animal parts into the human body. Although the concept sounds scary, the gameplay is full of entertainment as players will participate in humorous races with others. Besides the fascinating content, the events or entertainment elements have potential and give players a lot of enjoyment with friends through humorous races.

Merge Animals 3D – Mutant race


When players first come to Merge Animals 3D, they must begin to familiarize themselves with the system of creating mutants to prepare for races. The process of creating mutants is familiar and straightforward, as players only need to find or graft existing parts into the human body to create an entirely new variant. Interestingly, the character will possess new skills or abilities that come from the characteristics of each animal that has participated in the transplant process.


The variety of parts gives the gameplay a lot of potentials and more ideas for designing multiple mutants. Depending on the type of animal the parts belong to, they will provide character abilities corresponding to default functions, like climbing, movement speed, grip-ability, and many other things. While designing the mutant, the player’s creativity will open up many new possibilities to create a superior and perfect mutant.

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Merge Animals 3D – Mutant race

Merge Animals 3D – Mutant race


The races in Merge Animals 3D are tests to find out who has the most effective and talented transplants in various complex terrains. Previously, the racetracks were designed randomly, and full of chaos on each path to create absolute balance, and the players would become more flexible when designing mutants. In addition, the pace and control mechanism in the races are friendly and straightforward to create competition between players.


The graphics and movements of the mutants in the game are humorous to create a friendly and pleasant experience in each race. In addition, a realistic ragdoll mechanic will be added to the physics system, making everything more vivid and fluid when players collide with each other. Of course, its 3D graphic element also makes mutants funny or creative in many friendly ways.

Merge Animals 3D – Mutant race

Merge Animals 3D – Mutant race


The tracks are all intricately designed and don’t follow any theme, and even Merge Animals 3D offers a variety of races tracks for every player. If they want to claim first place, they must make the most of any abilities or animal parts they have implanted in their bodies. Players can switch control styles based on critical moments to quickly overcome any obstacle or terrain.

Merge Animals 3D – Mutant race

Merge Animals 3D – Mutant race


When players participate in the races with friends, the system will create suitable conditions with many generous rewards. They can also directly interact on the track to create a bustling and chaotic environment every moment of the race. The rewards from the system will be rare and notable animal parts, promising to help players win every victory with funny but convenient parts.Merge Animals 3D has a strange concept about combining animal parts with the human body. However, its way of organizing game modes is clever and offers endless entertainment. Even players can show off the most powerful mutants in each race or particular track.

Merge Animals 3D v1.7.9 MOD APK (Free Rewards) Download

Download (54M)

Download (54M)

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