Download Merge Mermaids v3.7.0 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

Merge Mermaids Mod APK gives you many exciting experiences; players must complete the assigned tasks and gain peace and bring life to these creatures on the bottom of the sea.

Players enjoy many new sensations along with a variety of challenges. Through this game, you can experience a fun entertainment space to help you relieve the pressure and fatigue in life. Besides, you can use many different types of magic and explore everywhere. The game gives you many exciting puzzles to conquer to increase the difficulty of Merge Mermaids.

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Merge Mermaids-design home&create magic fish life.


Coming to this game, players are allowed to use many fusion spells, and players flexibly use those spells to create more new things. The game will enable you to merge more than 200 different species of creatures to create new types of creatures with more intense vitality and fruit. Everything can be merged depending on your wishes. Besides, players can also merge countless different objects.

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Merge Mermaids-design home&create magic fish life. Merge Mermaids-design home&create magic fish life.


When participating in playing Merge Mermaids, players must conquer hundreds of different puzzles. Each puzzle has a unique difficulty level as well as gives you a lot of useful information after solving them. Many puzzles are waiting for you to conquer and overcome. Players can both solve puzzles and discover more exciting things here. Rely on your wits so you can solve those puzzles more efficiently.


Players can enjoy more than 600 different challenging missions. Those missions have a particular difficulty level waiting for you to pass. Players need to beat those missions to prove their fighting ability as well as win many exciting and attractive rewards. Many exciting levels are created for you to conquer. Players compete with each other to participate and complete tasks quickly to be able to claim the top position in the rankings.

Merge Mermaids-design home&create magic fish life. Merge Mermaids-design home&create magic fish life.


  • Enjoy using different types of magic to create more new things and merge more creatures to be able to collect more recent species.
  • Solve a variety of puzzles to beat the game’s challenges, win many rewards, and unlock more new levels
  • Opens you to hundreds of different missions with many difficulty levels for you to conquer and prove your fighting ability and win high positions in the rankings.
  • Merge countless objects to create many new and unique things to be able to experience the game more interestingly and attractively.
  • The vivid, sharp images, lively, and bustling sound create an attractive and attractive entertainment space.

Merge Mermaids v3.7.0 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Download

Download (350M)

Download (350M)

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