Download Mergic: Merge & Magic v1.48.43 MOD APK (Unlimited Energy)

Mergic Mod APK wishes you to win the most valuable items in this adventure. Players will get help from witch friends, and you will also proceed to renovate your house.

Mergic presents you with impressive puzzles, and you will also have to solve their problems. This is a game in the form of a puzzle with an interesting adventure; players will win their privileges when they conquer the puzzle by themselves. Players also need to develop a plan to restore their dilapidated homes and make use of the upgrade practically. Players will also have more big opponents, and you need to win a large number of points to continue to the next round.

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Players will have the right to choose the level they want to conquer, and more interesting is that you can choose the time to solve the puzzle. Each puzzle has a special character, and you need to match items that have something in common. Players also need to take advantage of their agility to find valuable items quickly. Each puzzle has a valuable gift at the back, and if you win, the gift will go to you.

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Puzzles will be given in turn, and you have the right to choose who you want to challenge. Whoever finds a lot in common will be able to get a higher score, and the chance of winning will be greater. You will also have trouble getting stuck in the middle of the vortex if you accidentally choose a forbidden item. It’s times like these that you need help from your wizarding friends. The game also expects you to get a well-deserved victory in every big puzzle.


What you need to do next is restore old houses, which is important work. You will take advantage of those upgrades to buy back all the essential furniture and redecorate it to make the house beautiful. Moreover, you will also win exciting compliments from neighbors and help rebuild the house. You will continue the journey to solve other puzzles and give exciting challenges.


  • Choose for yourself a character and role-play to continue the quest to conquer the big puzzles posed in this game.
  • Add your processing abilities to solve problems and match items in common.
  • Observe and quickly find valuable items, and conduct induction to receive the most characteristic upgrades.
  • Use those upgrade rights to renovate the dilapidated house and start the most exciting construction.
  • Conquer historical races, score races and win the ticket to go straight to the ring in the most impressive way.

Mergic: Merge & Magic v1.48.43 MOD APK (Unlimited Energy) Download

Download (68M)

Download (68M)

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