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Middle Earth Heroes recreates the process of heroes carrying on their mission to protect the sacred land, fight against the opposing forces of Demon King Hashim and fulfill the task that Michel entrusted in the amulets.

Middle Earth Heroes expands the story of the devastating invasion of darkness led by Demon King Hashim. The player assumes the role of one of four heroes who receive the protection of a special amulet. Carrying with you noble missions, you will have to face many difficult situations for a long time. The story will be further developed as the battle approaches; the path deeper into the enemy’s lair becomes dangerous. All kinds of sophisticated traps, along with the armies of darkness, will make you face many challenges.

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Middle Earth Heroes


Each confrontation that takes place in Middle Earth Heroes has the participation of four heroes. Michel is the god who entrusts this particular mission to you. To show solidarity when working as a team, support your teammates at any time. The journey forward will be met with many terrifying confrontations, and the combined power from many energies is the perfect choice for you to complete this mission.

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Each hero has its own characteristics; players can rely on basic information about them to make the right choice. As for the strong warriors, they use swords and spears to make weapons and complete quests. With this feature, close attacks will be performed. As for the archers will stand at a distance and further support their friends because of their archery talent. The group of magicians is a group that possesses a special ability that can manipulate matter and deal destructive damage. Summoners are tasked with calling for the help of neighboring troops by controlling their minds.


The story takes place in Middle Earth Heroes, causing terrifying effects on structures and creating a lot of rubble. This relies on the destructive power of combining more than 300 different skills with the power of nature. Each hero can grow through the levels, and the damage of the attack depends on this. Exclusive skills become the best weapon to fight with teammates.

Players can combine many items to create interesting products. An outfit can affect your appearance in the game. Changing and adapting new outfits to suit the situation is also a determining factor in how much influence you have. The weapons provided will be related to the skins used, and players apply them freely and combine freely according to their preferences.

Middle Earth Heroes Middle Earth Heroes


The designs that appear in Middle Earth Heroes result from careful construction and research. Each character creation is based on modern graphic techniques develop. Players can explore a large space with battles taking place in many places but not overlapping. Your opponents are also erected in order and rank; their strength will be determined by the number of rounds you have passed. This is a role-playing action game; players are allowed to move freely without any obstacles.


Middle Earth Heroes as a developer has successfully built a story about the heroic army’s journey to fight against the dark forces. They were chosen by a god and possessed great amulets. With the source of power and skills acquired, the top confrontations take place. Difficult situations can push you into many difficult situations. However, based on the experience of team combat, the enemy will soon surrender and return peace to this sacred land. Complete them with your heroic mission!

Middle Earth Heroes Middle Earth Heroes


  • The journey to explore the land covered by darkness and the task of saving the light is suddenly assigned. The player becomes one of the chosen heroes, combines with his teammates, and creates victory.
  • Noticeable changes in image and sound quality on each update will satisfy you. On the other hand, the newly added content like powers, weapons, and events also keep you interested in it.
  • Players begin the experience by choosing a character they think is suitable, carefully studying the information and sources of power they have. You will role-play and join the army of heroes protected by the talisman.
  • Explore a collection of gear needed for each battle, including weapons, skills, and outfits. Modern weapons combined with skill lessons will help you go. Further, the costumes are suitable for the event.
  • Players face a dense system of enemies such as monsters, shadow warriors, and silent bosses. You’ll need to be careful on the way as we have a lot of traps to prevent this journey.

Middle Earth Heroes v1.6.4 APK (Latest) Download

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Download (168M)

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