Download Miga Town: My Pets v1.7 MOD APK (All Unlocked)

Miga Town: My Pets is a paradise for players to have fun with countless cute and fluffy animals worldwide. They can also build a prosperous city and trade in everything related to pets.

Miga Town: My Pets is an entry in the Miga Town series, and now it uses pets as the central theme to bring people more experience and fun. Pets all come in many distinct species or shapes, and they even have a lot of funny literature for players to create a collection of pets. In short, this game is a miniature world with all the amenities, services, and great potential for pet enthusiasts.

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Miga Town: My Pets


The best thing about every game in the Miga Town series is that it allows players to build multiple cities with a distinctive theme. My Pets now uses pets, so the entire city is focused on this single element while constantly introducing potential or new content for pets. Besides, people can have international exchanges and jointly organize amusing and useful contests for pets of different species.

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Miga Town: My Pets


The care between the owner and the pet is a driving force that makes them always positive and active around people, which is crucial in this game. Therefore, the system will have many lovely functions for players to interact directly with the pets, including performing loving actions with them. Every pet species has varying degrees of affection, and based on activities or rewards, their love for their owners is abundant.


Pet grooming is a common activity for many people, and My Pets emulates everything perfectly with corresponding rich content. However, the player’s job of beautifying the pet is now to interact with many different types of pets and at the same time design the appearance that suits them. Beauty activities seem simple from the outside, but everyone will be richly rewarded if everything is done perfectly.

Miga Town: My Pets


The game does not limit the number of pets that people can collect or take care of, and it even has a complex and rich pet system to upgrade or look over. Over time, players can collect more pets through many outstanding activities, including completing mini-games or buying them from the shop. Fortunately, all of the player’s pets are friendly, so they will quickly get along with other species in the environment.


Everyone can accompany their friends in My Pets when building specialized services or shops for all pets. It also includes the sale of toys, food, and more specifically made for pets and provides more activities or entertainment for them. People can also expand the shop with many impressive upgrades and diversify everything to build a pet paradise.

Miga Town: My Pets


Besides exploring a large city and giving players more potential for activity and entertainment, the game also has many mini-games. Their content is varied and changes frequently, but mainly provides the player with more interaction with the pets or rewards. Mini-games are also an opportunity for players to expand their stores, including discovering more species of pets around them.

Miga Town: My Pets is one of those games full of relaxation as its gameplay is full of relaxation and has absolute friendliness. It also has many associations with other entries in the series to give people more range of action or link all the data together. Above all, it will take the feeling and comfort of pet care to the next level through this fantastic game.

Miga Town: My Pets

– Build and expand the wonderful city for pets and enthusiasts to form a magnificent paradise with the pet contribution.
– Various activities and content for players to enjoy endless fun with their beloved and beautiful pets.
– Endless animal species that are tameable to become pets, including exotic or expensive pets rarely seen around.
– Beautify the pets with hilarious mechanisms or intriguing factors specially developed for them through the gameplay.
– Play with friends and connect with other games’ data to improve the gameplay experience and development of pet city.

Miga Town: My Pets v1.7 APK + MOD (All Unlocked) Download

Download (56M)

Download (56M)

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