Download Military Jet Fighter Air Strike v2.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo)

Military Jet Fighter Air Strike Mod APK forms a fierce battle between many members of the jet team, controlling the plane and taking down the opponent with a beautiful attack.

Military Jet Fighter Air Strike develops a series of extremely intense confrontation missions when warships meet each other in the air. Organizations in turn use advanced weapons to equip their vehicles. The player also becomes one of those who use this ability to make a fierce victory. The battle will last for the allotted time and the victory is determined by the person who kills the most enemies. Winning the championship is not easy.

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Military Jet Fighter Air Strike


The goal set by Military Jet Fighter Air Strike is to make your experience the best. Therefore, many new jets are added to the list of uses such as MIG 21, MiG 24, MiG 29, F15, and Mirage to make the choice rich. In particular, the interface has been improved to make the conquering process more realistic. The process of reducing the size of the game and making it suitable for all devices will be the next step in making this exciting content accessible to more people.

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First, the Military Jet Fighter Air Strike riders start with choosing a suitable aircraft. You need to acquire the skill to control them from the game’s touch controller. Players can try out the exercises suggested by the system to know how to avoid obstacles or speed up in the air. You will also be equipped with the basic knowledge to be able to complete the task of defeating the opponent in the fastest time. The remote scopes help shorten the distance and the player can easily see everything.

Military Jet Fighter Air Strike


Becoming the most realistic combat that players have ever experienced, Military Jet Fighter Air Strike continues to create amazing races that compete with both strength and intelligence. When participating in the race, players can observe 3D models of mountains or sea. Vivid sounds are used throughout the battle. Besides, you can call for assistance if you are having problems with your plane. The most modern weapons are also installed to make your race amazing.


Military Jet Fighter Air Strike allows players to control jets and fly in the sky. Besides, the system also organizes large-scale tournaments and brings together the best riders in the world to compete. The playground is for those who are passionate about flying planes and fighting to defeat their opponents. Players need to possess professional aircraft control skills and a creative mind to apply the right weapons to any battle. The opportunity to win the top position is waiting for you to conquer!

Military Jet Fighter Air Strike


  • Develop your player’s jet control with amazing flying skills while in the air.
  • Improve game features on update occasions, and expand experience content with new themes.
  • Improve your pilots’ combat skills when flying with new, much more modern weapons.
  • Players can begin their journey to conquer the championship of ongoing events, registration, and further training.
  • The honorary rewards for the pilot who has the ability to occupy the leaderboard with the highest position and the most achievements.

Military Jet Fighter Air Strike v2.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo) Download

Download (42M)

Download (42M)

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