Download Mindly v1.20 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

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Mindly v1.20 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Mindly (mind mapping) is an application that helps you create a mind map that supports the structure and outlines for the creative thinking process to be most effective.

Mindly (mind mapping)is a brilliant application and an excellent companion for all audiences. If you are a student, student, or employee who always needs to organize your ideas and think scientifically, this application was born for you. With a minimalist and modern interface design, it’s not too difficult for users to design an impressive mind map for their learning and working process.


Mindly (mind mapping) is the smart app to organize and organize the jumbled ideas in your head. If your work requires many unique ideas and you do not know how to organize them properly, it will help you. With an intelligent interface design and a coherent and scientific arrangement of information, you can easily find the work’s information and make reasonable adjustments.

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Mindly (mind mapping) Mindly (mind mapping)


With a design that resembles the arrangement of the universe, you can ultimately create an outline for your public speech. Mindly (mind mapping) creates ideas on the basis of smart diagrams, enabling you to capture and remember the entire content accurately and effectively as an information assistant to help you design and remember exactly what you need to prepare and prepare for the next working day.


Planning is also effortless with Mindly (mind mapping). If you are a lover of visual-focused text processing, the application will give you an extremely efficient and professional experience. All information will be put into a logical palette and diagram and create the best plan for every trip and business. Content for study and work is no longer a problem for users.


The application supports writing summaries for large pieces of text so that you have the most intuitive and easy-to-understand view of the entire content. Then, the summary will be projected onto the mindmap so that you can focus on the main idea of ​​the text. Indeed, this is the most effective support tool for everyone to have a plan to organize and work effectively.


Export content designed on Mindly (mind mapping) via PDF, Text, OPML files. This cross-platform support feature creates the most favorable conditions for users to extract and use data from the application. You are completely free to download and use mindmap offline to serve your learning and working process.

Mindly (mind mapping) Mindly (mind mapping)


  • It supports the design of mind maps to regulate work and scientific ideas.
  • Collect and organize your ideas and plans with the unique universe diagram interface.
  • Prepare for your presentation.
  • Plan and important content meetings with precision and efficiency.
  • Summarize information that is easy to understand coherently according to a smart mind map.
  • Share and download content easily via Text or PDF,…

Mindly v1.20 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (11M)

Download (11M)

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