Download Minetap v2.4.9 MOD APK (Free Shopping, Money, XP)

Minetap is an idle game inspired by Minecraft but with a new concept for players to relax and entertain while building a bustling village. Its content is simplified and emphasizes the idle tapping factor, promising to bring people great things when interacting with the world and building many things.

Minetap – Merge rpg clicker Minetap – Merge rpg clicker


Minetap applies idle mechanics to create a simple yet engaging automatic gameplay as the player continuously learns more things. It combines with merge to make things more attractive and gives them more advancement in gathering resources or building materials. Some mechanics will even work automatically when the player is offline, giving them a great boost in progress and making the most of every resource they collect.


The screen tap function will speed up the process of mining all random resources, but the player can choose any block to interact with. Meanwhile, the merge will combine two similar blocks to create a higher-level block with many useful functions or values ​​to use in the future. While mining, players will have the opportunity to collect a few rare minerals for crafting or enhancing certain items.

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Based on the minerals collected from mining, Minetap will have a complex but easy-to-understand crafting system for players to quickly develop their quality of life. The great thing is that items also come in different qualities or ranks when crafting, showing superiority during upgrades, and more. Some special items will also benefit the player when they buff the productivity or build villages.

Minetap – Merge rpg clicker Minetap – Merge rpg clicker


The construction function is simple, but it will consume many available resources and stop if there are not enough resources. In the future, the player can expand the functions, thereby enhancing the life of the village and changing its appearance to be flourishing and beautiful. The expansion of the village will also give players new access to the system and expand their productivity, including access to new types of resources or content.

Minetap has endless potential, and gameplay is full of creativity for players to enjoy a happy life building villages. Besides, its features or facilities are also automatic, so players will have a lot of interaction or adjustment to change work productivity and upgrade some facilities in the system.

Minetap v2.4.9 MOD APK (Free Shopping, Money, XP) Download

Download (121M)

Download (121M)

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