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Mini Golf King is a golf game with creatively designed locations that capture players’ attention. They will compete with other players and collect different types of golf equipment.

Mini Golf King takes you to impressively designed locations with different mechanics to play golf and compete with other players. Players will not be able to ignore the challenges that this game brings when the golf ball’s diverse terrain can go through before reaching the last hole of the map. In addition, there will be levels to help you collect special golf equipment.

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Mini Golf King


When you experience Mini Golf King, you will participate in exciting golf matches that you cannot ignore as new mechanics appear inside this game. The environment you explore is not a large grass field but diverse designed locations. At the same time, their ultimate goal is to get to the hole at the end of the level, and for sure, this is an interesting match where players will consider strategy.

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You will not play alone but with another player, and the control is straightforward that anyone can do. Specifically, when your turn has come, you will be able to select the club you want and swipe the screen to customize the power of the ball. In some cases, you also know where you can go, and you will try to choose the right path to go before your opponent in this game.

Mini Golf King


As mentioned above, players will not play on a grass field in Mini Golf King but will go to different locations. These places can find many useful mechanisms that you should not ignore. For example, it could be pipes that lead to a new location and help you quickly get to the hole and hit the ball into it. In addition, some squares have an arrow symbol that will increase the golf ball’s speed for a short period.

As you participate in the stages in this game, you will be able to find many different skill opponents, and gradually, new stages will appear before you. Because of the creativity in the design of the stages, each time experiencing a new place is an attractive thing for them. They will find new paths, new obstacles, and many other elements that they can take advantage of. In addition, there are many challenges that you will face in this game.

Each level has different challenges, and you will need to be careful in your calculations because sometimes, with only 2-3 rounds of golf, your opponent can already reach the hole. Of course, when they have approached, they will certainly have the ability to hit the ball into the hole to win, so each turn requires you to be careful and have a specific calculation. Also, if you win, then a large amount goes to you as that is the amount that both players contribute before the match starts.

Mini Golf King


In Mini Golf King, players will find a variety of clubs and balls that they can freely choose during the match. Each type of club has its characteristics that you will take time to discover, and they are often found in chests. These chests will surprise you when you do not know what is inside and the items that open will be completely diverse and attract players.

There is a mode in this game to collect some chests when you complete the level well. Many levels appear, and with it, it’s a rating star system that you’ll need to perform well to achieve. At the same time, the characteristics of this type of level are similar to puzzle levels where you appear on a specific location, and you will find a way to hit the ball into the hole. Of course, you will try to do it as quickly as possible.

Mini Golf King

Players will participate in golf battles with quite innovative gameplay:

  • Players will travel to different locations to compete with other players in a golf game determined by skill and strategy.
  • The environment in the game is not a grass field, but there will be many different types of terrain and mechanisms such as pipes, speed increase factors.
  • Every game requires skill on the player’s part, and if not careful, their opponent can reach the hole easily.
  • The number of equipment to play golf in this game is entirely diverse that you can unlock through the different chests you gain.
  • There are many levels where you can collect more chests, and their gameplay revolves around you solving the game’s problems.

Mini Golf King v3.63.2 APK (Latest) Download

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Download (111M)

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