Download Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters v1.10.2 MOD APK (Free Shopping, Speed)

Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters MOD APK brings you to monster battles where the strong will be the last to survive. You will use the resources you collect to feed monsters and reach the scrolls for new sources of power.

Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters is a game where monsters will compete in the arena to be the sole survivor. You will observe the strength of your monsters and collect various rewards. At the same time, each resource has its use as some help increase the power of monsters; others help access the summoning scrolls.

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Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters


The gameplay that players find in Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters revolves around battles between monsters and the ultimate goal of finding the strongest monster. There will be eight monsters, and they will be divided into pairs to compete with each other. Also, of course, the strongest monster will be the winner in the end, and you won’t have any effect on the monster you own. In other words, you sit and watch them fight and wait for the results.

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The first thing you will find in this game is choosing a monster from the three starting monsters. They have different shapes and use weapons with specific attack ranges, so after the selection is made, the first matches of the game also appear. At the same time, since the player does not control the player directly, they will not have too much difficulty in control, and they should only focus on the stats of the monster they own.

Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters


In Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters, you will continuously increase your strength and participate in battles to collect resources and receive impressive rewards. When the battle begins, eight opponents will appear in eight positions, and each pair will continuously try to destroy each other. They will move backward until the enemy is within their attack range. Also, each monster has an energy bar that the monster can attack.

After an attack is made, you see your monster stop, and the energy bar will start to fill up to let the monster make the next attack. Also, depending on the attack characteristics of the monsters, the attack speed and mana regeneration rate will be different. Monsters that attack with a bow will usually have a faster attack speed, but normally, monsters will usually deal more damage.

You will realize that a match will not only take place in one turn because there are many monsters involved. The number of monsters will be reduced from eight to four, four to two, and the last two monsters will try to destroy each other to find a winner. So preparing the character’s strength will be a necessary thing, and there are many mechanisms to do that can do this. Of course, the monster system is completely diverse that you cannot ignore.

Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters


When you participate in the levels of Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters, you will receive many resources and rewards. One of them will be gold coins that help you increase the monster’s stats, and this is an essential element to help you become the last survivor. At the same time, the game also introduces the reincarnation mechanism, and with this mechanism, all stats gained through the upgrade are reset, but the base stats will be improved.

Your resources will certainly not be wasted because they have valuable uses and help you reach a scroll. Specifically, you’ll find a list of scrolls with different characteristics and resource requirements. They will give you access to monsters of different qualities, and after receiving them, you continue to use your resources to provide new powers to the monsters.

Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters

Players will choose the starting monster and participate in Arena battles:

  • Battles are decided by strength, and eight monsters appear and compete with each other until only one survives.
  • Players will not affect the monster they have but only observe its strength until the battle ends.
  • Each monster has a different attack method and speed, depending on the energy bar to activate the attack.
  • Each monster has a stat that improves over time as the user uses the resources he gathers from battles.
  • A variety of scrolls appear before your eyes, and you can buy them if you are qualified to summon powerful monsters.

Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters v1.10.2 MOD APK (Free Shopping, Speed) Download

Download (135M)

Download (135M)

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