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MIR4 is designed in a highly engaging and engaging action role-playing style. With a beautiful graphics system, players will participate in many different areas to develop their characters to become the strongest.

MIR4 will be a special game that can give its players a theatrical combat role-playing experience. If you are a particular fan of games developed in the style of action, adventure, and combat, this is definitely a name you cannot ignore. With this game, players will be involved in many challenges with different levels of requirements to be able to receive the ultimate glory.

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This is a special game that follows up with the games that have been released before with a lot of praise from fans. If you are a player who has experienced the previous games, the gameplay will definitely be the feature that will be noticed first. And to be able to continue to give its players the most quintessential, action role-playing gameplay will be the first feature that the game will integrate.

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With this gameplay, the game will give its players a familiar playing experience combined with novel developments. MIR4 will be built around many different manipulations that require players to really focus on their exploration. The set missions will often include killing monsters, fighting bosses in and out of the valley, and much more.



And to be able to play the game smoothly, the character will play an important role in leading the gameplay. So the makers of the game have also researched and given their players an exceptionally diverse character system so they can start the best part of the game. The game will allow its players to choose characters according to the division of Assassins, Warriors, Wizards, and Magi.

Besides, for players to be able to complete their character system, effective assistants will also be essential. These will be the characters that always appear next to your main character to be able to provide support during combat or other special benefits. And MIR4 has also developed a system with a lot of different soul companions with many special abilities to choose from.



After choosing for themselves the options for the character and soul companion, the player will need to know the core strength of the character they choose. With each different character class that the player chooses, the character will have a unique strength index and skills. And to be able to give yourself the most advantage in battles, strengthening the strength and skill indicators will be something that any player should do.

In addition to controlling your character to participate in many different challenges, choosing a development direction for the character will also be necessary. The game’s system has also given you four different development directions to choose from: Hunting, Gathering, Mining, Meditating. Each development you select will suit your personal style, and the character will be able to train themselves even after the main tasks of the day have been completed before.



To be able to give your players the perfect experience, graphics and sound will play a significant role. With Unreal Engine 4 image technology integrated, the game’s graphic quality will always be guaranteed to bring players to the highest level. From characters’ backgrounds to combat effects, all images are researched and developed in great detail and carefully by the designers.

Along with that, the sound effects brought to the player are always highly appreciated by the critics. The built-in music available inside MIR4 will be a moving part that can lead players to overcome their challenges in the best way. And the sounds of the characters in the war are also voiced by the best actors with a very high level of inspiration.



  • The game is built in an action role-playing style that brings both familiarity and new features.
  • The gameplay will be developed around different combat activities with monsters and bosses outside and in the valley.
  • The character system is built extremely diverse with many levels, power indicators, and completely different skills to choose from.
  • Choosing from different special character development paths gives the character maximum strength.
  • The game’s graphics and sound are perfectly developed with detail and high accuracy.

MIR4 v0.355036 APK (Latest) Download

Download (150M)

Download (150M)

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