Download Monster Survival v1.1.16 MOD APK (Unlimited Gem & Gold, God Mode)

Monster Survival Mod APK – Let us flee this place and vanquish all of the monster hordes!

Monster Survival is an action game with over 20 magic powers. Completely vanquish the monster wave with the abilities and spells available in the game. Let us work together to eliminate the millions of creatures that assault you in a matter of minutes. Your endeavor will get harder as time passes because the monster waves will thicken, and you will have less time to flee.

Don’t worry; your exceptional brain will help you solve this complex problem. You aim to battle and improve the power of your warrior; as the warrior’s power develops, you will be able to escape the massive wave of enemies.
Run until you’ve eliminated all of the enemies in the allotted time. Monsters will not stop encircling you; you must use your incredible talent to cause maximum harm for the monster to find a way out.

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You will be confronted with a monster boss, so use all of the talents you have already upgraded. When you fight the boss monster, you will be awarded gift boxes with great items you will require to survive among the horde of creatures.


  • The game features over 30 different skill sets for warriors and a large number of enemies.
  • The expansive location does not impose any restrictions on the total area or the number of monsters.
  • Unbounded capability for the warrior.
  • Amazing graphical effects for the game.
  • Improve survival skills.

Monster Survival v1.1.16 MOD APK (Unlimited Gem & Gold, God Mode) Download

Download (74M)

Download (74M)

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