Download Monthly Idol v8.51 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Monthly Idol allows players to build their own entertainment company and manage it by training celebrities. Extremely fun and exciting, this is a fresh creation of content combined with 2D graphics technology. Are you attracted to it or not? Download and enjoy now! Expand the company’s reach and get a few new offers in the new month like the addition of clothing plus special hairstyles.

Monthly Idol


Faced with choices, as a company’s senior manager, you’ll have to choose a form to help your employees have the perfect debut. Monthly Idol has two options for you as a boy group or a girl group, and please make contract signing documents to legalize their enlistment process. After choosing the contract term, you should start the work of arranging classes, retraining from the minor steps to turn your employees into top idols.

The practice of composing tracks and presenting them and then exporting them to discs or video streaming to social media platforms is an excellent place to start. Gain a certain number of first fans when choosing the type of music that the market is looking for. Selling quality albums, commitment to content, and proper image when appearing in public is also a business strategy you need to learn.

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Monthly Idol


Monthly Idol allows you to make a day’s schedule or create an appointment in advance, so you don’t miss any activity. Because of the increasing popularity, more advertisers and sponsors will come to your company, be prepared to receive them thoughtfully! Fulfill your idol management dream, have more fun traveling and touring famous places, the chance to see the world is wide open!

When playing Monthly Idol, the thing to keep in mind is that once you download and play it but don’t turn on cloud storage when you accidentally delete or reload it, you will have problems because all data is not saved. Any related operations will not be automatically archived. You need to issue commands to it. Use your Google account to sign in or a new account type to join the fun!

Monthly Idol Monthly Idol


Monthly Idol will have even more practical activities besides building its own entertainment company with a staff of new idols of the world, bringing them back to life to become famous and enter the company into the prestigious rankings. The new version will soon appear and promise more exciting things about a developed entertainment company! It will be great if you play it with your friends, but don’t forget to leave a review to help us fix related bugs.

Monthly Idol v8.51 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (52M)

Download (52M)

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