Download MotionCam Pro v1.2.9 APK (Full Patched)

MotionCam Pro v1.2.9 APK (Full Patched)

MotionCam Pro Mod APK is the first software for Android that enables users to record video in its native RAW format.

MotionCam is a one-of-a-kind app that enables RAW photo capture on your Android device. It’s essentially a streamlined version of the full-featured MotionCam Pro. Taking as many unprocessed still images from a video as you like will never cost anything. We included some of the paid add-ons in the free edition of MotionCam Pro so that you can try out individual features before committing to the whole suite.

What does it mean when a frame is labeled as “RAW”? It’s just an image file, unaltered and uncompressed. How exactly does MotionCam work? It schedules times for your phone to capture unprocessed photos (24,25,30, or more). Raw Data allows it to bypass the noise reduction and oversharpening performed by the phone’s built-in picture processing engine. In addition to a plethora of minor issues brought on by the encoder’s lack of focus. After collecting raw frames, we store them in the phone’s memory for a short time before saving them to a file we’ve dubbed “mcraw” when we press. Distinctive feature: lossless compression of raw data storage! For example, 30 frames at 4000×3000 resolution take up 234 MB of space when stored in a mcraw container. The same 30 images take up 686 MB when saved as Uncompressed DNGs (Stock cameras).

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What steps should I take next? When we finally acquire the mcraw container, we can proceed in one of several ways. First, mcraw > sRGB/LOG using H264/HEVC 8bit or ProRes/Cineform/VP9 10bit while rendering from the phone. After that, Render on your mobile device with mcraw > CinemaDNGs, and open those files in non-mobile applications. Third, use MotionCam Tools, available for free at, to render mcraw to CinemaDngs or ProRes/Cineform files on a Windows or macOS computer. With our recently released plugin (included under “MotionCam Tools”), you can import.mcraw files into Adobe Premiere/AE/ME without converting them to another format.

MotionCam Pro v1.2.9 APK (Full Patched) Download

Download (25M)

Download (25M)

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