Download Moto Bike: Offroad Racing v1.7.1 MOD APK (Free Purchase)

Moto Bike opens new racing roads for players to experience racing with all terrains and circumstances. Let’s use your car to conquer even the most challenging race tracks!

A new racing game genre has been launched, Moto Bike. With a new motorcycle, players will show their control skills when riding it on a dangerous track. Speed, accuracy will be the deciding factor for your victory.

Moto Bike: Offroad Racing

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Compared to driving racing cars outside, of course, the controls in the game will be more straightforward so that players will be easy to implement. Everything becomes shorter when you need to hold down to let the car run and control the car to jump up without turning left or right to avoid obstacles. However, the danger will likely arise if you do not control the vehicle to fly up in time or stop the car. You will be given detailed instructions in the beginner class at the beginning of the game.

Moto Bike: Offroad Racing


The most exciting point of Moto Bike lies in the graphics with a diverse design of racetrack terrain. There is a lot of scenery that is changed in each race. For example, of course, you are driving the car at a waterfall, but just like that, the scene has changed into a forest full of ice.

The player’s challenges will also change with each terrain area. Some gears are always ready to crush you everywhere at the construction site, and the big snow blocks want to discourage you when you are in the snowy forest. The challenges are constantly changing, and players must be cautious with them.

Moto Bike: Offroad Racing


Your racing car needs to be upgraded every day to pass the challenges safely. Collect items on the track, accumulate them to upgrade your vehicle. A good car is a fast car with a strong engine, so take care of it after every race.

  • Long press to control the car to run and press to jump up to overcome the challenges. Join the tutorial to learn more
  • The track’s terrain is constantly changing unexpectedly and full of novelties. Discover the latest races
  • Countless challenges waiting for you to overcome, control the car well if you don’t want to be crushed by the gears or crushed by the snow
  • Collect items on the way to upgrade your car. A good car will help you easily win the challenge
  • Excellent graphics with a vivid design of the track and smooth transitions like the movie

Moto Bike: Offroad Racing v1.7.1 MOD APK (Free Purchase) Downlod

Download (81M)

Download (81M)

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