Download Muscle Clicker 2 v2.1.49 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Muscle clicker 2 Mod APK takes players on a journey to become a bodybuilder and can participate in different competitions. The character’s appearance will change continuously as his stats change.

Muscle clicker 2 revolves around a character who is passionate about bodybuilding and undergoes different exercises to change his appearance. Players will find different exercises, and with each practice, the character’s experience will increase until new stats are added. At the same time, they also see the change in the character’s appearance and can participate in competitions to receive many impressive rewards.

Muscle clicker 2: RPG Gym game Muscle clicker 2: RPG Gym game

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In Muscle clicker 2, the player will play the role of a bodybuilder, but he has a rather slim appearance compared to other experienced athletes. So you will accompany this character in developing muscles through different exercises. You won’t need to use too many buttons to control the character, and just make sure his training is steady, and new things will appear.

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The first exercise that the player will find in the game is a weightlifting exercise, and you will try to make him lift weights continuously. An interesting point about this game is that a few factors are limiting the character’s training, so you can practice until you feel it is necessary. In addition, each movement will bring you a certain amount of money and a certain amount of experience. You will see the stats added to the character when you level up.

Muscle clicker 2: RPG Gym game Muscle clicker 2: RPG Gym game


An interesting point when you experience Muscle clicker 2 is the number of diverse exercises that players can choose from. Each exercise will have specific positive effects when helping the character to change his appearance. At the same time, players can also fully see the character’s muscles continuously increasing over time, and certainly, this change brings positive effects for the character to participate in competitions.

Under the selection of exercises to increase muscle, players can also find different competitions that they can participate in. With your perfectly good muscle level, you can easily achieve high results, and the amount of money you get in competitions will often be higher than the amount you earn in training. You can use that money to buy necessary training items for the character.

Muscle clicker 2: RPG Gym game

Players will follow the changing journey of a bodybuilder:

  • The player will ensure the character’s training and help him achieve the appearance and strength to participate in the competition.
  • The continuous training will help the character earn money and get a different experience to reach a new level.
  • Leveling up is necessary because it helps you get new stats, and with these stats, the character’s appearance becomes more muscular.
  • The number of exercises you find is diverse, and you can choose the exercises you want to change the training experience.
  • When the character change, the player can let him go to different competitions and receive many impressive rewards.

Muscle Clicker 2 v2.1.49 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (26M)

Download (26M)

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