Download Music Puzzle: City Builder v0.1.64 MOD APK (Free Purchase)

Music Puzzle: City Builder Mod APK – To construct your city, tap on the rhythm button. Take pride in what you’ve created. Edit. Keep building.

You can’t say that you haven’t seen a building doing the tango at some point in your life, right? If this is the case, you should review the information regarding Music Puzzle-City Builder that is presented on this page.

If you want to put yourself in a pleasant mood, turn on some music that covers a wide variety of genres and listen to that. Following the presentation of your work to the other members of your group, you may decide to start the process of creating it once again. You are required to contact the blocks when they are hovering directly above the tower while they are in the air in this posture. When a yellow block appears, you can be sure that you will be touched several times, so you should be ready for it. When you have completed the construction of this building, go back to the menu and choose the “next building” option. While you are in the midst of playing the game, put on some music and listen to it. There is a possibility that your idea of the ideal cityscape may be realized by just toggling a switch on the camera.

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You’ll make it through the building of the Empire State Building with the help of the piano and the guitar. The gameplay is optimized for use on mobile devices in addition to tablet PCs. Play music that satisfies your preferences in terms of taste. You are free to make any musical choices you choose at this moment. By adding one-of-a-kind skins to the structures in your city, you can make them represent your taste in architectural style. Show the rest of the world how magnificent your in-game cities are by putting on a show for them. You may create the ideal city for yourself by fiddling with the geometric characteristics of your cities until you get them just right. This will allow you to develop the ideal metropolis. Listen to some of your music while you are taking part in a game you have chosen to participate in.

Music Puzzle: City Builder v0.1.64 MOD APK (Free Purchase) Download

Download (44M)

Download (44M)

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