Download My Ant Farm v0.82 MOD APK (Unlimited Resources, No Ads)

A single ant was all you were at first. But if you keep returning food, your DNA pool will grow, and you’ll soon have enough ants to start a new colony. They’ve established that it qualifies as a colony of ants. Your only concern is whether to expand the ant colony or keep the money to improve the nest.

It’ll help to have more allies on your side at the start. You have to consider the swarm’s combined speed and strength when there are enough of them. Your strategic prowess, perceptiveness, and judgment will be tested by your choice of whether to increase or hold after the first round. The ant colony’s “predation time” will change depending on your choices. The faster you go, the more points you get and the more food you get between rounds. Expanding an ant colony too quickly lengthens its overall path, slowing individual members and increasing the time it takes to retrieve food from a wider radius. They must go in a wide arc to avoid friends, and there’s no “traffic jam” mode. Now it’s considered.

You will not only gain experience and food if you complete the mission quickly, but you will also receive diamonds. Diamonds can be compared to large amounts of DNA because they can speed up, increase the number of, or supercharge the ants, all of which are necessary to continue your never-ending quest. Because it’s an idle simulation, even players who lack motivation can still have fun with Little Ant Colony. Most of your work is finished; all that is left to do is distribute the food. A computer algorithm will generate the game’s DNA. A colony of ants functions very much like a machine. They would bring their prey to the nest one at a time, darting back and forth between the two locations without stopping. There is no need for a joystick or any slothful ants. The only player in this game is a slacker.

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My Ant Farm v0.82 MOD APK (Unlimited Resources, No Ads) Download

Download (67M)

Download (67M)

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