Download My PlayHome Plus v1.2.0.36 MOD APK (Unlocked All Content)

My PlayHome Plus Mod APK is a modern dollhouse perfect for the digital natives. Think about getting your kid a dollhouse where they have free reign over everything, including the bedrooms, living room, and bathroom. You can use this space both for breakfast and dinner. The lights can be turned off, drinks can be poured, and bubbles can be blown here. Picture a dollhouse, only that none of the furniture or accessories ever gets lost or breaks.

Envisioning something made in such a way that a toddler could understand and utilize it, it also had enough nuance to pique the interest of a child of eight. Think about the hours, months, or even years your kids could spend playing with a doll house… The My PlayHome app is the first of its kind. Because of how interactive everything is, your kids can utilize and investigate anything they want. The characters engage in daily routines such as eating, sleeping, showering, and oral hygiene. Is there a need for a darker atmosphere? Close the blinds! What, you want to hear something else? Replace the disc in the player. Compared to other doll house games, this one is far superior in terms of player interaction, realistic details, user-friendliness, and fun factor.

My PlayHome Plus is a superset that incorporates the original My PlayHome apps into a single, comprehensive setting. You no longer need to close and reopen several apps whenever you visit a new dwelling, shop, institution, or health care facility. You don’t happen to have the other My PlayHome apps, do you? They’ll be available for use in the virtual city at no cost. If you have any of the other My PlayHome apps installed, it will automatically offer you free access to those areas. A new shopping center is going up in town! The food court, however, is now open for business. Relax at one of these four recently opened fast food joints: The usual fast food suspects: sushi, pizza, burgers, and hot dogs. My PlayHome apps have fascinated kids and shaped the industry of apps for kids for nearly a decade. Because parents developed it for parents, My PlayHome has earned the trust of those who are wary of their children’s digital media consumption.

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My PlayHome Plus v1.2.0.36 MOD APK (Unlocked All Content) Download

Download (120M)

Download (120M)

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