Download My Restaurant Empire v1.0.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

My Restaurant Empire Mod APK – Design and create home restaurant scapes in the best fast-paced fun 3D culinary games.

My Restaurant Empire is an advanced game in the genre of culinary games. It is a spin-off of the Rising Super Chef series, which has been downloaded by millions of gamers. Participate in entertaining cooking game levels and use your gift of cooking game and management abilities as a hero chef to rehabilitate local eateries so that they may once again open for business.

Cook and serve delectable dishes as quickly as you can to gain rewards that may be used to redecorate the restaurant, create new furnishings, and improve the residence. Dive into the cooking craze, experience the cooking madness as a master chef, discover grandpa’s cooking diary, dash from restaurant to restaurant, beat every challenging level in the cooking adventure, design new restaurant decor, follow the story and meet interesting people, win love and friendship, and build a restaurant empire worthy of a dream.

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Exquisite developed 3D characters and sceneries. The culinary journal has hundreds of mouthwatering meals and recipes. The experience of playing a 3D cooking game with a high-performance rendering engine will seem more realistic to you than playing a 2D cooking game. 3D characters engage in entertaining storyline developments. You may develop an exclusive and prosperous restaurant city of your own by furnishing the food truck, restaurants, and gardens with a wide selection of furnishings and arranging it in a customizable manner.


Hundreds of different cooking-themed game modes, each with their own unique speed and emphasis on time management. Make a mad dash to feed the increasingly frantic clients. In the challenge mode, there are an infinite number of exceedingly rapid stages. Every day, participate in hilarious online quizzes and share them with your friends to increase your chances of winning more stars.


Beginning with a food truck as your base, investigate what happened to the community and its inhabitants, and work to repair both the businesses and the relationships. In the many stages of the cooking game, you may work up a sweat in the kitchen and collect valuable advice that you can use to spruce up your restaurants. Heal the ties between the people who are loved, and think about the future you can provide to the community.

My Restaurant Empire v1.0.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (151 MB)

Download (151 MB)

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