Download My Town: Fashion Show v7.01.11 MOD APK (Unlocked)

My Town: Fashion Show Mod APK takes you to very interesting shows, and here you are, the creative director. Creative elements will be needed because you will help the whole art company grow dynamically.

The city is particularly impressed with your art company, so it nominated it for the development of impressive shows in the My Town: Fashion Show. This new game brings new points unique events to help players conquer. However, there will also be some difficulties, and you should also handle them skillfully to create sympathy for the executive board. You are a creative director with full experience in show building as well as showing your true potential.

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My Town : Fashion Show


In your city, a new show is going on promoting the fashions of the big designers. Your company is located in the city and is known for its new unique features and distinctive impressions. So your company receives this big show, and this is also an opportunity for creative directors like you to show your true talents.

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With many years of experience and great companionship from brands, you will not find it challenging to organize. However, the show is quite large, and your supermodel is in short supply, so this is also the most significant difficulty hindering your company. But rest assured because My Town: Fashion Show will bring out talented faces in the art village. You just need to choose, and they will immediately sign a long-term contract with a famous company of yours.

My Town : Fashion Show


Significant events are always the focus of everyone’s attention, so you need to arrange a reasonable layout. A new perfect composition makes the show look good as well as avoids big mistakes during the performance. You will also encounter some difficulties or difficulties to deal with, but if you have the perfect layout, things can be resolved quickly and bring good results for you.

You will meet models of all ages to discuss work with all. After meeting these faces, you will come up with ideas for makeup and use the most suitable clothes. The costumes will be moderated, and new unique touches will be added to make the costumes more interesting. At the same time, you will also have more accessories and jewelry in the collection, and you can choose to refresh your model.

My Town : Fashion Show


The lighting, stage, and sound effects are also significantly noticed in My Town: Fashion Show. Players need to arrange these tasks and divide this work among associates skillfully. Behind-the-scenes issues also need to be taken care of in order to give you complete unity. You also need to set up the stages suitable for this fashion category to create the most interesting structure. You also need to pay attention to the cooperation requirements of large enterprises to satisfy the big opinions.

After this event is held successfully and well, other organizations know you better, and your company also becomes famous. Creative touches are always put on top to help you create new highlights. Moreover, you also have more brands to choose from to sign more long-term contracts. You will also earn a considerable amount of money and add a bunch of support features. Typical faces will also come back to work with a talented creative director like you.

The exciting features always give you a good impression of My Town: Fashion Show, and you also burn with passion. The results received after each show are new titles as well as practicing all of their abilities. More specifically, you will receive many new work contracts, and you should also add other expensive supermodels. Players should also take advantage of the advantages of communication to take their company to the next level. Thanks to those achievements, you become more famous and create the most impressive series of events.

My Town : Fashion Show


  • Looking for more supermodel faces, famous and suitable for the event to promote their own products.
  • Come up with creative and unique ideas to design the most spectacular show event possible.
  • Design amazing outfits choose additional accessories to highlight the new features of fashion.
  • Divide the work for each array to reduce the burden as well as avoid significant errors in the event implementation process.
  • Use the lighting and sound support features immediately to make the event fresh and have a chance to win more significant contracts.

My Town: Fashion Show v7.01.11 MOD APK (Unlocked) Download

Download (57M)

Download (57M)

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