Download NavRadio+ v0.2.75 APK (Full Patched)

NavRadio+ v0.2.75 APK (Full Patched)

NavRadio+ Mod APK – Car head units may receive AM/FM radio broadcasts. Available with station logos as a personalization option.

NavRadio+ will be a leading application that can help car users significantly improve their entertainment. If you are looking for an application that can help you listen to Radio right in your car, this will be a perfect choice that you should not miss. With this application, users can make their trips more interesting through news, attractive talk shows, and more. Do not worry too much for those who are just starting to use the application because all the features will be set up very simply. You can customize your options according to your preferences with just a few simple swipes and touches on the touch screen.

One of the top features that the application wishes to be able to bring to its users is those directly related to the ability to listen to Radio. To help your users customize different stations with different programs as they like, users will be able to use the Frequency Slider. And radio stations hosted on RDS id will also have automatic and manual transfer via established Logo images. Users will be fully able to adjust to their liking with various options with elements like Location, Frequency, Name, Logo, Favorites, and many more. At the same time, the station lists will also be sorted by name or frequency by the application and stored carefully in JSON format.

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Besides the dedicated features for listening to Radio, the application also pays great attention to direct usability and user interface. Therefore, you can freely use yourself with more than 30 different pre-installed wallpapers, and system wallpapers, uniform colors from personal images. You will also be able to choose the main color theme with more than 20 pre-made settings from the application or personalize it to your liking. Users can change the size and font selection for text elements to suit their usability. And if you use this application with many different usage environments, the light and dark modes are also equipped for you to choose to change quickly.

NavRadio+ v0.2.75 APK (Full Patched) Download

Download (10M)

Download (10M)

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