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NEO Mushroom Garden is a mushroom growing game inspired by the character Funghi from the Japanese series. Players will be transformed into gardeners, creating mushroom gardens in different locations. Use the mushrooms that you grow to create delicious and attractive dishes.

Surely everyone knows mushrooms as a food, a remedy, or it can also be a dangerous poison. NEO Mushroom Garden takes you to a beautiful mushroom world where there’s only fun with light quests. This is a non-stressful, dramatic game that can help you relieve stress. Please don’t wait any longer; come to our mushroom garden right away.

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NEO Mushroom Garden


Any game must have tasks and challenges to make the game enjoyable; it stimulates the player’s sense of conquest. This game, too, has thousands of missions for you to perform. You will experience the feeling of growing mushrooms, taking care of them through each stage, and creating a beautiful mushroom garden. Missions are waiting for you ahead.

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NEO Mushroom Garden


NEO Mushroom Garden has more than 30 different locations for you to experience the feeling of growing mushrooms in many places. Be it a school, a hot spring, or even a cloud,… you can build your own beautiful mushroom garden. Each location is a different form of mushroom growing; experiment with different ways to get the most mushrooms.

NEO Mushroom Garden


Mushroom is an ingredient present a lot in dishes; it makes the dish more delicious and attractive. With each part on the mushroom, you can craft a different dish. Use the mushrooms in your garden, combine with other ingredients to create the perfect dish, and share the recipe with everyone. This game will be a place for you to develop your cooking skills.

NEO Mushroom Garden is inspired by the cute Funghi character of the Japanese manga series, and it has created a lovely, gentle game suitable for all ages. Players will become professional mushroom growers, creating beautiful mushroom gardens everywhere.

NEO Mushroom Garden


  • Players will be able to try the feeling of growing mushrooms, taking care of mushrooms through each stage and until they are harvested.
  • The game allows the player to garden, build his mushroom garden, and grow it.
  • You can expand your mushroom garden in many different locations such as schools, hot springs, even in the clouds.
  • Mushroom care will take a lot of time, so you can use magic potions to help it grow faster.
  • Use the mushrooms you grow to create delicious and healthy dishes, discover lots of recipes with mushrooms.

NEO Mushroom Garden v2.64.0 APK (Latest) Download

Download (104M)

Download (104M)

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