Download Ninja Star Shuriken v1.1.5 MOD APK (Unlocked Shuriken)

Throw Shuriken, the most popular ninja tool, to hit targets.

People who take part in this game are dedicated followers of the ninja techniques of Japan. In this game, the players will have the ability to hurl Shuriken at a variety of targets in order to deal damage and progress through the levels. Players have the option to practice top-secret techniques in order to improve their aim and vision. Everyone who gives this game a shot is assured of having a good time with it.

Players must first evaluate the wind’s speed and direction before attempting to throw a Shuriken successfully. You will have a better chance of becoming the greatest ninja of all time if you do these things. A Ninja does not need to have the ability to throw Shuriken, but they need to know these weapons.

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Fruits, balloons, glasses, animals, parachute bombs, pendulum moving candies, bottles, and pottery are some of the items that can be used as targets in this game. All of these different approaches are things that can help you get better. The game is played in a lighthearted manner, so the dummies do not behave in an abnormal manner. Those who wish to, however, can do so in a setting that is ideal for the purpose of improving their skills.

Bonus This game mode gave you a set amount of time to kill as many enemies as possible. Assassinate more people to improve your skills. Then you’ll get diamonds. Multiple targets increase your chances of winning. In challenge mode, you can improve your score. When you switch to this mode, everything is fair game. Each game’s goal is to score high and advanced levels. A two-player mode lets them compete in the same game. This game allows competition. Plan how you will use “Fire” to avoid danger throughout the level.

Ninja Star Shuriken v1.1.5 MOD APK (Unlocked Shuriken) Download

Download (35M)

Download (35M)

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