Download North Tower v1.3.4 MOD APK (Attack Multiplier, God Mode)

North Tower Mod APK – Keep the peace on your land! Consolidate your forces and expand your army’s reach to combat more formidable foes!

North Tower is a tower defense game that players cannot ignore if they want to experience the feeling of becoming the leader of significant land. Players will have to build and defend their kingdom against the attack of many enemies from other places. They want to take over your territory and will try to destroy everything inside. As a leader, your task is to find ways to ensure the integrity of your tower and fight all enemies.

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Your task when coming to North Tower is to protect your central tower against fierce attacks of enemies intending to invade. To do that, you must build solid turrets surrounding the tower and create a solid defensive position. However, you will need to place them according to a reasonable strategic scheme, and the positions will be decided by yourself. In order not to make mistakes, you should be wise and clever in the arrangement of troops.

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You will face many enemies, so you cannot defend the tower alone, but you need the help of many loyal allies. They are legendary heroes with extraordinary powers that will assist you in defending the tower. When the enemy intends to storm the tower, the heroes will stop and defeat them. The higher the level, the more you will have the opportunity to capture many heroes with terrible power and unlock ancient heroes.


An exciting feature that North Tower has brought to you is the ability to merge weapons of the same level to create a new, more powerful weapon. With this feature, you can own a vast collection of guns and use them in combat. Thanks to that, your arsenal will be upgraded and strengthened with modern tools with extremely significant damage. With these weapons, you will not need to falter to fight enemies and giant bosses.

Besides upgrading weapons, your heroes must also develop the strength to withstand all attacks before the enemy. Your powerful army also needs to be improved not only in quantity but also in quality. That will make tower defense easier, and heroes will also have enough strength to fight in new lands.

North Tower v1.3.4 MOD APK (Attack Multiplier, God Mode) Download

Download (111M)

Download (111M)

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