Download O Launcher v11.2.1 APK + MOD (Prime Unlocked)

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O Launcher v11.2.1 APK + MOD (Prime Unlocked)

O Launcher is a versatile and intuitive theme library to extend users’ activities, and experiences with new changes in the interface and interaction and even introduces various outstanding extensions.

O Launcher gives people tons of options and great personalization for them to change the design or layout of the interface for a new interactive feel. It also introduces unique and beautiful wallpapers and customization to make everything change completely and give everyone absolute comfort. Over time, the application will continuously suggest new content to change things in many unique styles constantly.

SO S20 Launcher for Galaxy S,S10/S9/S8 Theme SO S20 Launcher for Galaxy S,S10/S9/S8 Theme


O Launcher works like a gallery but with a lot of versatility and charm to diversify the user’s choice of changing the beauty of things. Fortunately, the app’s homepage automatically organizes all the content neatly and into separate categories for easy browsing. Of course, a built-in search engine will help people reach whatever content or topic they love most for their device.

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The application’s first content introduces the particular themes with unique design and style for the device. The good thing is that each theme comes with its own set of customizations or personalizations, and they will change almost everything related to the device’s visuals and more. Also, users can combine multiple themes at once and perfectly mirror them to create many great combinations for devices.

SO S20 Launcher for Galaxy S,S10/S9/S8 Theme SO S20 Launcher for Galaxy S,S10/S9/S8 Theme


The exciting thing about O Launcher is that it changes the user’s interaction with the main interface to create a lot of fun and comfort. However, it only changes the elements related to the interface. At the same time, the systems remain the same, and there are many changes in the environment or colors for everyone to customize freely. Based on each user’s taste or style, they can create special interactions with outstanding animations.


If users have a lot of redundant apps and need to keep things organized, they can use the built-in drawer function. It is an extension for users to personalize things or organize applications, programs, and tools into different folders. Its customization is also unlimited, so people can do whatever they want to give the device a more elegant and sophisticated look.

SO S20 Launcher for Galaxy S,S10/S9/S8 Theme SO S20 Launcher for Galaxy S,S10/S9/S8 Theme


In addition to the factors that improve user interaction, O Launcher will have the ability to lock or hide all necessary applications from outsiders’ access. Furthermore, users can only access all hidden apps or programs through specific methods. They can even set a password and secure all data, information, and other things from the prying eyes of outsiders without the owner’s permission.

O Launcher opens up new possibilities for everyone to customize their personal experience through memorable themes or interactions. The great thing is that the application will regularly update with new content to diversify people’s choices, and even more unique customizations come from the application and more.

  • An outstanding launcher with an immense library full of themes, wallpapers, and icon packs for users to dive into the endless vibrancy.
  • Easy to set up features with in-depth customization while providing more amenities and extensions to enhance users’ interactivity.
  • A magnificent and profound change in the system design and layout to perfect the overall beauty while adding hilarious animations.
  • A drawer maker for users to organize everything like folders, games, apps, and more into separate collections for ease of access and more.
  • Hide or lock apps within well-protected sectors while covering up various fakes or decoys in case of force log-in from outsiders without users’ permission.

O Launcher v11.2.1 APK + MOD (Prime Unlocked) Download

Download (15M)

Download (15M)

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