Download Orzmic v2.11.12 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money)

Orzmic is a music-themed game that creates a lively and fun playing space. Choose your favorite music, then start to immerse yourself in the melodies in this game.

If you have a hobby of listening to music and want to find games to relax and be very low in mellow notes, this is a perfect choice. The game will give you the songs you love, and you just have to enjoy them.


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You will easily find games with diverse musical styles on the game market today, but Orzmic will bring you unexpected experiences. Built with addictive and attractive gameplay, you will definitely not be able to escape the magic of this game. You can look around the interface to understand how to control and move to levels starting into the game. You will need to touch the beats on the screen to move to the game’s music; just miss a beat, and you can lose and play again.



The gameplay is not too complicated, but the challenge is limitless, so Orzmic will not make you feel bored when experiencing it. All you need to do is use nimble and fluent maneuvering to hit the beats and keep up with the song quickly. In the early levels, you will be familiar with how to play through simple, gentle songs, but the lyrics will increase faster in later levels, making you unable to keep up if you lack concentration. So you need always to pay attention to be able to accomplish the set goals.



Orzmic contains many different types of play and various charts to give players the most comfortable experience space. In each upgraded version, the game will bring you more songs with diverse themes so that players can immerse themselves in the unique musical world. In addition, you can also find your favorite song through this game because the music system here is unlimited. Each song has different challenges, and sometimes it will be difficult for you to overcome, but if you win, you will be at the top of the chart.



  • Immerse yourself in the fun tunes found only in this game and start your journey to conquer the most complex notes and enjoy your own songs
  • Control with simple operation and you only need to use both hands to touch the notes depending on how fast or slow each level is and not miss any notes
  • Each song corresponds to each level, and your task is to quickly touch the notes to be able to conquer the challenge; it will not be easy for you to pass, so always focus
  • The rhythm of the songs will increase rapidly through the following levels. Sometimes it will make you not finish the song, but the turn is unlimited, so keep on the journey to capture the notes
  • Each upgraded version will bring players more songs with different themes; this is an attractive music playground that you cannot ignore.

Orzmic v2.11.12 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (550M)

Download (550M)

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