Download Papas Burgeria To Go v1.2.3 APK (Full Game)

Your fingers won’t get in the way of the action when you play Papa’s Burgeria To Go APK since it has been revamped and recreated just for smaller displays.


The controls to switch stations are conveniently located in the four corners of the screen, making them easy to reach with your thumbs. If you want to swap Order Tickets without manually dragging them, you may use the buttons in the upper corners of the screen. You can also see your Order Tickets in a zoomed-in format, which makes reading them much more straightforward.


We have made it simpler than ever before for you to keep track of your burgers by inserting Timers inside each burger patty. These Timers are easy to see and display the amount of cooking time remaining for each side of the burger. You may also purchase Alarms from the Shop to attach to each Timer. This will notify you when it is appropriate to remove or flip a burger. Because it supports multi-touch, you can swiftly flip burgers and remove them from the grill by using several fingers. If you want to flip three patties in succession, try using a triple tap.

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Because your finger would obscure your view when using a typical drag-and-drop approach, we have entirely redesigned the Build Station so that it is compatible with devices that have smaller screens. You will drag a carousel of Topping Bins over the top of the screen and carefully slide it to align toppings with the burger that is displayed below. To dump a topping from the bin at the upper part of the screen, tap the bottom. You may also use the button on the screen to change your Topping Bins into Burger Bins, which will store all of the burger patties you’ve prepared on the grill. And because it supports multiple touches simultaneously, you can slide the bins with one finger while simultaneously pressing the bottom of the screen with another, making it quite easy to stack the burgers.


  • Interactive simulation of running a burger joint, set in the Papa Louie world
  • Completely redesigned gameplay and controls to accommodate portable devices and smartphones.
  • Multi-task between grilling, stacking and serving.
  • Shop to improve your character utilizing the hints provided in-game.
  • Over 60 different clients may be unlocked by placing distinct orders.
  • Putting Pressure on the Closers and the Food Critic
  • There are more than 50 different in-game milestones to acquire.

Papas Burgeria To Go v1.2.3 APK (Full Game) Download

Download (31.73 MB)

Download (31.73 MB)

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